How many kilometers does a Tesla Model 3 really travel at constant speed

How many kilometers does a Tesla Model 3 really travel at constant speed

There are several reasons for which the Tesla Model 3 is the best-selling electric car in the world. It has a pleasant appearance, excellent performance, minimal but super-modern interiors and excellent autonomy both in the Standard Range version (which is receiving the House's first cobalt-free battery in China) and in the version with a larger battery.

Remaining on the subject of "autonomy", however, many are wondering how far it is able to travel in real driving conditions. Especially in America, where the EPA standard adopted for fuel approval is less accurate than our WLTP.

Highway test

The EPA standard estimates the average fuel economy of a car tested on a mixed route including city and highway, for example. But how far does it travel, instead, if it faces just the highway? Our American colleagues asked themselves this in order to give readers an estimate of how many kilometers can be covered if you face a long journey.

To find out, they decided to use Model 3 (owned by journalist Tom Moloughney, author of the article, ed), who made his car available, a Long Range with two 2019 engines with just under 15.000 miles (24.000km) behind them. Objective: to go at a constant speed of 70 miles per hour (112 km/h) until the end of the charge.

How many kilometers does a Tesla Model 3 really travel at constant speed

Chill mode e Autopilot on

Before leaving, the car put its original rims back on, those aero wheels with an aerodynamic design. Then it was 100% loaded and started on the highway. The car underwent the test in Chill mode, with regenerative braking, and used theAutopilot 95% of the time. At the start the tires showed a pressure of 2,8 atmospheres (while in the end they had reached 3,13).

The car has traveled 289,1 miles (465,2 km) before reaching 0 on the battery charge indicator. He did it just as the car entered the on-ramp of a Supercharger station.

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6,84km per kWh

In the end, the car scored an average mileage of 6,84 km for each kWh of energy. In equivalent tests, always at a constant 70 mph and always on the highway, the Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf Plus both showed 25% less efficient, being able to travel on average 5,5km per kWh.

Although the comparative tests were not carried out with scientific instruments, and although some variables may be encountered (wind, traffic,...), it is nevertheless impressive to see how a Tesla Model 3, in the same conditions and on the same path, scored such a better result.

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