Gancio Tesla, Sergio: "Promoted, but you lose 40% of autonomy"

Gancio Tesla, Sergio:
Sergio Valtorta with his Tesla and trolley

Tesla hook: it is very useful, but be careful on long journeys, you can lose 30 to 40% of autonomy. Word of Sergio Valtorta, sales representative of nautical accessories with residence in Monza. He has been traveling in Model 3 since December and after 5.200 km he promotes both the car and the hook. And he tells of people's curiosity when they see the car with a trolley in tow: can an electric…?

Tesla hook: "Autonomy drops, not performance"

Sergio's Tesla with the trolley

With Sergio let's get straight to the point: does the hook work well? “Yes, it is very comfortable. I use it a lot, even privately to take material to the landfill, and I'm happy with it. It affects, of course, the autonomy. According to my calculations between the 30 and il 40% more consumption. The percentages of course change depending on the weight, let's say approx 250 Watt a km. My balance is positive, calibrated on my range of motion. The rating depends on personal use“. And on performance? “I would say almost irrelevant view of the power of Tesla, I don't hear the cart. There are no problems going uphill, for example. Same speech for the recovery, of course, not all the potential performance is exploited for a safety issue“.

Tesla hitch / Towing? “On 9 quintals and costs 1050€”

The trolley of Sergio, sales representative from Brianza with Tesla Model 3.

How far can the Tesla tow with the hitch? “We arrive at 9 quintals for the Model 3 and is higher for the Model Y. My cart is 450 kilos. Using it, I avoid taking the car to transport the material“. The cost? "I'm 1050 €. You buy with the configuration and i I managed to stay under 50 euros and therefore obtain state incentives. I have dispensed with the 19" rims without any problems, perhaps in this way the car is also more comfortable“.

There is no shortage of irony: “Do you have the generator in your cart…?”

Electric cars still intrigue, Tesla even more, not to mention a Tesla towing a trolley. “And mine is quite old and the contrast emerges with a very modern car. It is a topic of discussion and irony is not lacking, we joke, but dialogue and confrontation are generated“. In these cases, the classic joke about the towing of the generator can be heard.

How's it going with electric? “Won't go back”

Sergio has recently got on the train of electric mobility. A convinced marriage. “I bought it at the end of December 2020. And in two and a half months I have exceeded 5km. I was fine with it, though the autonomy is lower than that declared because the daily use is different from the track“. In numbers? "Swe are on 420. I make many fast-flowing roads, many suburban roads. Surely in the city it's a different matter. But having said that, there is a great pleasure to drive and are excellent

Another example of the towbar with the Tesla Model 3

the performancei“. The flaw? “It's not German in terms of finishes, but in terms of performance compared to the Teutonic brands you would have to spend 40 thousand euros more“. The Model 3 is promoted: “Going back is difficult. It's like the automatic gearbox, which is difficult to change if you try it. The strong point is the Supercharger. I am sales agent and plan top-ups. In this period of closures, we often eat in the car and I take the opportunity to recharge. For now I haven't had any problems, at the beginning a bit of recharging anxiety but today it's over“.


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