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    Modelo Tesla 3 2023

    6 years after the official launch, in 2023 Tesla Model 3 it is undoubtedly the most important model in the history of the Californian company. In just a few years, Model 3 managed to unseat the Nissan Leaf as best-selling electric car in the world. Today the smallest of the Teslas is still one of the most interesting electric cars on the market. With the Model 3, Tesla has managed to encapsulate all the personality and characteristics of Elon Musk's House in a more compact and European-friendly car compared to the larger Model S and Model X. Today the Tesla range also has an SUV based on the same platform, the Model Y. Despite the inevitable internal competition, however, in 2023 Tesla Model 3 is still an extremely cool car.

    Among its merits we find, for example, one very classic and appreciated style and a minimal and technological interior, in pure Tesla style. Thanks also to the union between the capacious batteries and the widespread recharging network Supercharger, the Tesla Model 3 remains one of the few electric cars that are truly usable in the real world. Equipped with a very classic notchback bodywork, Tesla Model 3 renounces chasing the SUV trend. In fact, it focuses on a streamlined and sporty style, capable of maximizing aerodynamic efficiency and obtaining excellent mileage with a single charge. Tesla Model 3 is in fact one of the electric cars with the greatest autonomy on the marketas well as one of the most pleasant to drive.

    Thanks to powerful engines and well-crafted chassis and suspension tuning, Model 3 is one of the most enjoyable EVs to drive. The extremely powerful Performance, with almost 500 HP of power, has the performance of a true Supercar, and an autonomy that makes it extremely usable. There is also no shortage of technological solutions that go from ingenious, such as the system Autopilot which will also come with a Level 3 of autonomous driving, to fun, such as the ability to play games, sing like karaoke and watch a TV series while charging. The great novelty that characterizes the Tesla Model 2023 3 range is the price list, cut by over 15.000 euros compared to 2022. Today it is possible to take one home with you Tesla Model 3 RWD a soli 41.490 euroa competitive price to say the least.

    It was never, however, a car without flaws. Even in 2023, the Tesla Model 3 is still far from the quality of its German rivals. Its extreme minimalism, then, for some is simply a bit too much. Despite this, for many, the Tesla Model 3 is one of the few electric cars to really consider in the real world, as evidenced by its excellent sales figures. But will it really be the best electric on the market? So let's find out together dimensions, interiors, engines, used and new price and competitors of Tesla Model 3 2023.

    With this new price list, the 3 Tesla Model 2023 costs several thousand euros less than its direct rivals Polestar 2 or BMW i4, going to compare with much smaller EVs such as Renault Mégane E-Tech or Cupra Born. The price list of the Tesla Model 3 2023 from new has returned to being lower than that of the SUV Model Y, which for several months had a controlled starting price of 49.990 euros. In terms of equipment, in fact, all Tesla Model 3s have the same standard equipmentand the options are very few.

    As standard, all Tesla Model 3s offer automatic dual-zone climate, air-conditioned seats, "basic" Autopilot which includes Level 2 ADAS (Adaptive Cruise Control, active lane maintenance, blind spot sensor, automatic braking), 360° cameras ° and front and rear parking sensors, the 15,4-inch screen, heated steering wheel and the entire suite of entertainment and Tesla infotainment system features. Then there is the convenience Sentinel mode (Sentry in English), which allows the car's perimeter cameras to be used as a surveillance system, which is activated if someone approaches the car or if the car is rear-ended while it is parked.

    With the updated Tesla Model 3 2023 price list, the proposals for the Dual Motor versions are also lowered. In fact, to take home one Tesla Model 3 2023 Long Range AWD instead they must be taken into account at least 52.990 €, while the top of the range AWD performance arrives at 59.990 €. Compared to the RWD, the two all-wheel drive versions offer only one more Premium audio system with 13 speakers, 1 subwoofer and 2 amplifiers, and finally the Performance offers 20″ Uberturbine alloy wheels as standard. Among the options we find, however, the 19″ wheels for the RWD and Long Range AWD (1.700 euros) and the tow hook with a capacity of up to 1.000 kg (1.350 euros), the black and white leather interiors (1.200 euros). The standard paint is Pearlescent White, while Nero Pastello is optional at 1.200 euros. Metallic Dark Gray and Metallic Ocean Blue are on the other hand offered at 1.600 euros, while the beautiful Metallic Red is the most expensive color in the range, offered at 2.000 euros.

    The only two functional options offered in the 3 Tesla Model 2022 price list concern the Autopilot. At 3.800 euros it is in fact possible to opt for theAdvanced Autopilot, which additionally offers automatic lane changing, Autopark (automatic parking), the automatic driving function Navigate on Autopilot which allows automatic motorway driving (from overtaking slow cars in its own lane to using the traffic lanes entrance and those of exit of the highway). Then there is the functionality Summon, which is able to allow the car to park itself or to reach the driver autonomously simply by commanding the car from the Tesla app.

    For those who want even more, there is also the option to opt for the Autonomous driving to its maximum potential at 7.500 euros. This increased outlay brings all the features of the basic and advanced Autopilot, but adds the control of traffic lights and automatic stop. In the future, then, it will also be implemented via OTA updatesself-steering on city streets, moving ever closer to fully autonomous driving. OTA updates, always priceless on the 3 Tesla Model 2022, often offer great improvements, both in reliability to correct any problems and in functionality. In fact, Tesla owners often find new features introduced with the latest software updates, always making their Model 3 modern and in step with the times.

    Also for this reason the price of used Tesla Model 3 remains very interesting even on the second-hand market. As we told in one of our articles dedicated to used Tesla Model 3s, Tesla doesn't just sell new cars. The site, in fact, has a section dedicated to the official used cars of the American manufacturer, which takes care of the entire sales process, from the transfer of ownership to the additional guarantee. The prices of used Tesla Model 3 fluctuate, at the time of writing, between 40.000 and 68.000 euros, with an average price of 48.000 euros. The cheapest are the Standard Range Plus, i.e. the access versions at the launch of Model 3 with a 58 kWh battery, 409 km of range in the WLTP mixed cycle and a power between 306 and 325 HP, which start at around 40.000 euros with over 100.000 km. It is surprising to find a higher price for used cars than for new ones, but this too is a distinctive trait of Tesla: by often, and even heavily, rearranging price lists, you end up with cars with a higher residual value than new.

    Prices for a used rear-wheel drive Long Range Tesla Model 3, which is quite rare to find, start at around 42.000 euros, while the more common Long Range AWD starts at 51.000 euros and can go up to 60.000 euros. Seeing these prices, Tesla Model 3 demonstrates excellent price stability on the used market, with offers that can even exceed the list price at which the cars were sold. The most striking example is that of the Model 3 Performance, which can even reach 63/64.000 euros, exceeding the price list of 60.990 euros that the car had at its launch, in 2019. Passing instead through third-party resellers, on the major buying and selling sites of cars i prices of used Tesla Model 3 range between 37.000 and 66.000 euros.

    The engine range of Tesla Model 3 2023 is totally electric, in pure style of the North American House. As Tesla has often accustomed us over the years, the mechanics and engines of Tesla Model 3 have often changed, as well as the different versions available over the years. What has remained unchanged is the floor, made with the integration of the huge battery pack that moves the car in mind. Before talking about the engines and batteries of the 3 Tesla Model 2022 and the future innovations that will arrive on the American sedan, let's focus for a moment on the features mechanical, little known to most, of the smallest of the Teslas.

    The platform of Tesla Model 3 has in fact been developed ad hoc for her and for the Model Y SUV, and takes advantage of a quite refined mechanics. The suspensions are in fact double wishbone at the front with stabilizer bar and Multilink at the rear, While brakes they are, on paper, sporty, with four-piston front calipers with 320 mm discs (which become 355 on the Performance) and floating rear with 335 mm disc. The steering offers a turning circle of 11,6 metres, while obviously the gearbox has only one speed, with a 9:1 ratio. The weight of Tesla Model 3 2023, then, is relatively low for an electric. The RWD stop the scale a 1.611kg empty, and become 1.847 kg for all-wheel drive Model 3s and with increased battery.

    In terms of battery and engines, however, the Tesla Model 3 2023 offers three rather different versions: the RWD, the Long Range AWD and the Performance AWD. The first version is also the gateway to the Tesla world in terms of power, performance and range. There RWD, also known as Standard Range RWD, is in fact equipped with a single 239 kW (325 CV) is 420 Nm pair, connected to a 60 kWh battery, larger than the 54 kWh of the previous Standard Range RWD. Performance is respectable, with one 0-100 km/h covered in 6,1 seconds and a maximum speed of 225 km/h, while the range approved in WLTP mixed cycle of 491 km, which according to estimates become the Tesla 510 by choosing the 18″ wheels. Recharging takes place via the Tesla Superchargers at a maximum power of 170 kW.

    The most balanced version within the 3 Tesla Model 2023 engine range is the Long Range AWD, equipped with two engines and the 82 kWh battery launched in 2021 on all-wheel drive Model 3s. In fact, Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD is equipped with two electric motors, one at the front of 121 kW (165 CV) and a 203 kW rear one (276 CV). The overall power is 441 CV, while the total torque stands at 493 Nm. Thanks to the all-wheel drive, the shot from a standstill is like a true sports car, with the 0-100 km/h covered in just 4,4 seconds, while the maximum speed is 233 km/h. The battery, as mentioned, is 82 kWh introduced with the 2021 model year, and guaranteesautonomy in the WLTP mixed cycle of 602 km with the larger 19-inch wheels. By choosing the smaller 18″ Aeros, Tesla estimates a range of 626 km.

    At the top of the 3 Tesla Model 2023 engine range is the Performance, as fast as it is efficient. In fact, we find the same under the body 82 kWh battery of the Long Range version, which guaranteesautonomy in the WLTP mixed cycle of 547 kmattributable not only to the greater power but also to the Uberturbine rims, larger and with a higher rolling coefficient. The power, however, is also decidedly higher. In fact, the front engine reaches 158 kW (215 CV), while the rear engine delivers 219 kW (298 CV). The total power thus reaches 513 HP, while the total torque of the two motors reaches i 660 Nm (240 for the front engine and 440 for the rear). Performance is excellent, with aacceleration 0-100 km/h covered in 3,3 seconds. The maximum speed, on the other hand, is 261 km/h, while the top speed is identical to the Long Range AWD, by 250 kW con i Supercharger V3.

    • Length 4,69 meters
    • Width 1,85 meters
    • Height 1,44 meters
    • Wheelbase 2,88 meters

    Compared to well-known conventional cars, Model 3 is 2 cm shorter than a BMW 3 Series, about 6 cm shorter than the Mercedes C-Class and 5 cm longer than an Alfa Romeo Giulia. Tesla Model 3 therefore fits perfectly into Segment D, that of medium-sized sedans. Long enough to have space for four-five people and luggage, but a good 30 cm shorter than the flagship of the House, the Model S, Tesla Model 3 also focuses on an aesthetic level streamlined and dynamic style, which goes well with the characteristics and dimensions of the 3 Tesla Model 2022.

    The aesthetic is in fact the iconic one of Tesla, which made school in the world of electrics and which today is recognizable at first glance even by those who are not passionate about engines. The design studied by the historic director of the Centro Stile of the House, the German Francis of Holzhausen, focuses on cleanliness and minimalism, but with an always visible family feeling. In fact, there is also the now iconic front without a classic grille, but nevertheless equipped with a profile that wants to emphasize the space where, on a normal car, an open grille would go.

    Il faired front it reminds some of that of a fish, taking up the family feeling introduced by the 2015 restyling of the Tesla Model S, which abandoned the grille for a now iconic look. The L-shaped front lights, fully LED but without Matrix technology (a rather loud lack on such a technological car), help to give the front of the car a good recognition.

    However, the front bumper is equipped with a trapezoidal air intake in the lower part, which is essential for cooling the large battery pack located under the floor. The front is really very low, making the most of the absence of a traditional engine under the bonnet, and goes hand in hand with a really tall windscreen, which together with the very low dashboard gives great forward visibility.

    Laterally, the Tesla Model 3 can change a lot depending on the trim level chosen. There are no major differences in terms of bodywork, but due to its clean and minimal style, the style of the rims manages to distort the aesthetics of the Tesla Model 3. The main novelty of the restyling del 2021 of the American sedan. The handles and window frames, which were chromed at launch, became matt black, to emphasize the sedan's sportiness and dynamism. Returning to the rims, the Standard Range RWD and Long Range AWD versions offer i 18-inch "Aero" wheels, equipped with plastic wheel trims that increase efficiency but have a less than sporty style.

    For those who do not want maximum efficiency, however, the plastic fairings can be removed, revealing a decidedly successful alloy wheel from an aesthetic point of view. Upon request, it is also possible to opt for i 19″ Sport white alloy wheels, optional at 1.700 euros. In addition to being more beautiful, these rims have a higher rolling coefficient due to their larger dimensions, and reduce the total range of the car by approximately 20 km.

    The top-of-the-range Performance version, on the other hand, offers a third wheel as standard, the popular 20-inch Uberturbine. Its sporty design has now become a trademark of Tesla Performance, and is not available (at least through Tesla channels) for the Standard and Long Range versions. If it weren't for the rims, however, the differences between the various versions would be almost nil. Let's find one good glazed surface, with a rather high and arched roof which offers excellent internal habitability. The handles flush with the bodywork are convincing from an aesthetic point of view, but in colder climates they can freeze easily, while the rib in the lower part of the bodywork gives dynamism and personality to the car.

    At the rear, Tesla Model 3 focuses on a sporty and dynamic look, with a truncated tail and a "two and a half volume" style which gives a nice dynamism to the rear, which is thus the most successful side of the car. The rear window, however, is very high, somewhat limiting the view to the rear, while the headlights with LED luminous signature that are inspired by those of the flagship of the House, the Model S, are convincing. The profile of the tailgate is also successful, with a small ducktail spoiler that gives a dynamic look to the car. The version Performance then adds, at the top of the profile, one additional carbon fiber spoiler, which distinguishes it from other versions.

    On an aesthetic level, in fact, recognizing the various versions of the Tesla Model 3 is very complex. The bodywork, in fact, does not change between the Standard Range, Long Range and Performance. The first way to distinguish the three versions is to look at i circles, with the Performance which, as mentioned, offers the beautiful Uberturbine as standard. The real litmus test, however, is the logo at the bottom of the tailgate. In fact, here we find the only logo, in addition to the Tesla ones, which identify the version of Model 3 chosen. Nowhere will we find a Model 3 logo: you recognize it by its size and style, not by a logo.

    The only nomenclature, in fact, refers to the powertrain: the Standard Range with single engine has no wording, while the Long Range AWD bears the now iconic “Dual Engine“. Finally, the Performance is recognized for its red underline under the wording “Dual Motor”. Concluding with the dimensions of Tesla Model 3 2023, il trunk it is, as on all Teslas, present both in the usual position, i.e. at the rear, and under the front hood.

    LThe total capacity in the 5-seater configuration of the Tesla Model 3 trunk between the smaller front and rear compartments is 542 litres. You can then also fold down the rear sofa, and obtain an even more spacious compartment. One of the limitations of the Tesla Model 3, however, is the absence of a complete tailgate like on the Model S. Here we find a sheet metal tailgate that does not include the rear window: the opening is therefore very narrow, and greatly reduces the practicality of the car. Precisely for this reason, customers are turning to the more practical but less streamlined sister Model Y, equipped with the Hatchback tailgate.

    The interior of the 3 Tesla Model 2023 is as recognizable as the exterior, with an unmistakable style. In fact, Model 3 has managed to make total minimalism her signature, renouncing any type of key, lever and concentrating everything, absolutely everything, inside the 15,4-inch infotainment screen dominating the entire interior.

    Before arriving at the now iconic central screen, the interiors of the 3 Tesla Model 2023 also have more to tell. First the minimalism of lines and dashboard allowed the designers of the American House to lower the line of the dashboard as much as possible, and the absence of the dashboard behind the steering wheel gives excellent visibility ahead. The windshield is really large and the very low bonnet offers a great feeling of airiness and lots of light inside the passenger compartment.

    The interiors of Tesla Model 3 2023 are indeed very bright thanks to the large side windows and thehuge glass roof which, although darkened to limit the entry of the sun's rays inside the car (in fact, there is no removable awning), makes the passenger compartment extremely airy and bright. The seats also help to achieve this goal, which if chosen in a white color further help to illuminate the passenger compartment, and the transversal finish that furrows the dashboard and door panels. This finish can be in brushed aluminum or light wood, and gives a modern and contemporary style to the sedan.

    The central tunnel also contributes to this style which, in the upper part, offers a Alcantara panel inside which there are slots for two smartphones, to recharge them wirelessly. A little further back, on the other hand, we find a rolling glove compartment, while in front of the driver stands out the steering wheel. With a very compact diameter, the steering wheel has a leather or Alcantara rim depending on the trim level, and has an ultra-minimal design. There are only two keys, or rather two wheels, on the spokes. However, these buttons are multifunctional: by interfacing with the screen it is possible, in fact, to use these wheels to adjust the rear-view mirrors, or to position the steering wheel exactly where you want it. You can also adjust the speed of the Adaptive Cruise Control, indeed, of the Autopilot.

    Tesla's autonomous driving system is in fact standard on all versions in its basic version, and can be further improved by choosing the Autopilot option extended to a good 7.500 euros. To activate Autopilot, simply push down on the shift lever twicelocated on the steering column. To adjust the speed and distance from the car in front, however, you can simply use the wheel. However, not everything is left to the screen and the wheels on the steering wheel. The power window controls, for example, are in the classic position on the door panels, and the electric seat adjustments are also positioned on the seat base, as in a conventional car. The materials with which the cockpit is made are not always excellent, and the assemblies and couplings often leave something to be desired. If in fact they have improved on Model Y and Model S, the Model 3 still seems slightly behind in terms of pure build quality.

    The real “party piece” of the 3 Tesla Model 2023 interior is, without a doubt, the huge central infotainment screen. With his 15,4 inches dominates the scene, and is undoubtedly the beating center of the whole car. While driving, the horizontal screen is divided into two sections: on the driver's side, the speed, the selected gear mode and the battery capacity are always visible, as well as the Autopilot radar that can also recognize different road users between motorcycles, trucks, vans and cyclists. In the rest of the screen you can customize the view, moving from the map to media playback and web browsing, which obviously can only be used by the passenger.

    The interiors of Tesla Model 3 2022 are then characterized by the toybox, which combines all the "Easter Eggs" seen over the years on the cars of the Californian company. We find the last two novelties, the Boombox which allows you to speak through speakers placed outside the car or to replace the horn with a personalized audio file, and the mode Trax, which allows you to compose a piece of music while recharging. Then there are the modalities Emissions, which reproduces… flatulence on touch or instead of the arrow buzzer, nor the mode Romance, which recreates a bonfire on the screen and raises the temperature of the air conditioning to "create atmosphere". Then there are the Car-a-oke, to sing like karaoke with your travel companions, an on-screen drawing mode and several games, from the simplest ones like Asteroids, Beach Buggy Racing (which uses the car's brake and steering to control the video game) or Fallout Shelter up to the most complex ones like The Witcher.

    Concluding with the interior of the 3 Tesla Model 2023, the absence of real air conditioning vents is surprising. In fact, the air comes out of one very thin slit between the dashboard and the transverse molding of the dashboard, and its flow can be regulated in an extremely precise way through the omnipresent central screen. The space, then, is good up front, with a pleasantly low driving position. Behind, however, the interior of the Tesla Model 3 2023 is not the most airy. If the space for the legs and shoulders is in fact good, behind the tallest ones they risk touching the head, especially in the side seats where the roof pillars are thicker. On the other hand, the center does well, where there is no central transmission tunnel like on rear-wheel or all-wheel drive internal combustion engines.

    However, some "analogue" characteristics of Elon Musk's cars are also surprising, which even the most skeptical agree on. The steering, for example, is precise and direct, much more than one might expect from a car like the Model 3. The chassis is also quite stiff, and the set-up is tuned to be as easy as possible. This is undoubtedly an advantage, especially with the idea of ​​offering cars with the performance of a Super or Hypercar at the price of an average SUV. Tesla Model 3 is fast in RWD version, very fast in Long Range AWD and frighteningly fast in Performance version, outperforming several Ferraris, Porsches or Lamborghinis. However, everything is offered with a disarming ease of driving, which makes it simple and within everyone's reach.

    However, not all that glitters is gold. In fact, the Tesla Model 3 doesn't have the best brakes in the world, and regenerative braking isn't as refined as on other rivals. In addition, the lithium-ion batteries of the Performance version easily overheat in sportier use or on the track, forcing several minutes of forced stop. The structure and handling studied by Tesla, then, manages well to mask the weight of the car, but is calibrated to be as easy as possible. We therefore do not have a fun and "forgiving" car like other competitors of the Tesla Model 3 2023, but a stable, easy, predictable car that never puts you in trouble. The suspensions, then, are always stiff both on the RWD access version and on the sporty (and even stiffer) Performance.

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