Tesla Model 3 2021, all new USB ports

Tesla Model 3 2021, all new USB ports

GreenTheOnly managed to get a preview of some images from the Tesla Model 3 2021 user manual and important improvements emerged on the connectivity side and USB ports: now the two front USB ports are also of the USB-C type, in addition to the 2 rear USB-C . Additionally, Sentry Mode has its own dedicated USB port in the glovebox, paired with a dongle supplied by Tesla; the double wireless charger for smartphones is integrated into the car and no longer occupies the front USB ports.

These are huge improvements over the first version of the Model 3, which "sacrificed" the front USB ports for Sentry mode and connection to the wireless charging device, originally not integrated into the car. Model 3 now offers an abundance of ports: 4 USB-C (two can also be used for data, e.g. MP3 audio files, and two for charging, with 25W power), 1 USB-A (reserved for the Sentry), more two spaces dedicated to wireless charging. Finally, the classic 12V socket is also available, to power more powerful devices.

At this point, the only improvement would be to boost the USB-C ports to 100W, making direct USB-C charging possible for computers as well; however, already now the Model 3 has one of the best set of USB ports and charging devices in a car.

The Tesla Model Y should also soon be updated with the new interiors, and certainly the Model Ys that will be delivered in Europe will have the updated interiors.

Tesla Model 3 2021, all new USB ports


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