11 mistakes to avoid when buying a Tesla

11 erros a evitar ao comprar um Tesla
Many people, in order not to run into recharging anxiety, choose a Tesla Model 3 Long Range instead of a Standard Range Plus AWD, for the majority of the public however a Standard Range would be more than enough, with its 491 km WLTP (for Matteo Valenza the Tesla Model 3 RWD is practically perfect, and he owns a Performance). If you live in an apartment, you don't have a home wallbox available and therefore you must always recharge at public columns, a Long Range could be the ideal solution, so as to allow more time to pass between one charge and another. In short, the question of autonomy is very subjective and depends on everyone's needs, evaluate carefully before buying a new Tesla and don't let anxiety devour you.

You look for basic Aero and Autopilot

Mistake number 3: buying wrong rims. As you probably know, Tesla makes available on price list 18" and 19" rims (with the Model S 19" or 21"), while with the Model 3 Performance we only have 20" wheels.

Well, sometimes the standard 18" rims are the best you can buy: they are called Aero and are built specifically to optimize the range, while the Sport rims are less optimized on aerodynamics, are larger and therefore consume more energy (the 18" can reach 510 km WLTP, 19" 491 km on Model 3) and cost an extra 1.700 euros. Mistake number 4: buy Full Self Driving, or Autopilot at its maximum potential in Spain. In the USA it is a function that costs 12.000 dollars and, despite having all the features available, it is categorically not recommended by Ryan Shaw. Basic Autopilot is sufficient for most audiences, at worst aim for Enhanced Autopilot, which offers some more interesting features. In Spain the Autonomous driving at maximum potential is sold for 7.500 euros but it is decidedly more neutered than the US one, which is why in our country it is absolutely not worth spending all this extra money (do not buy Tesla's Autonomous Guide).

Pay attention to prices and delivery times

Mistake number 5: put off ordering a new Tesla. According to Ryan Shaw, prices are steadily increasing, as are delivery times due to the current chip crisis.

The sooner you place your order, the sooner you get your own Tesla, perhaps at a lower price. Mistake number 6: leave without organizing stops, once you get your own Tesla. Avoid leaving "blindly", in the hope of finding a charging station somewhere. Always organize your trip in advance, perhaps with the help of the Tesla on-board software that can tell you where and for how long to stop. Mistake number 7: purchase a Performance version to reduce delivery times. Tesla Performances have shorter lead times, as demand is lower. Don't be enchanted by these shortened times, if the Performance is exaggerated for your needs, you should absolutely wait and save money to take a Standard or a Long Range. Mistake number 8: Don't shy away from white interiors for fear of getting dirty. According to Ryan Shaw the light-colored interior (the only ones available as an option, as opposed to the black ones) looks great and requires less maintenance than you might imagine. Mistake number 9: do not inquire about any local incentives. Ryan Shaw looks at the US reality, where each state offers different incentives on electric cars, but in Spain it is not so different.

It may happen that regions and municipalities propose ad hoc incentives for new electric cars, and often they can also be added to the state ones - for unprecedented discounts (someone in Piedmont took a new Volkswagen e-Up! for 3.500 euros). Therefore, before proceeding with the purchase, inform yourself about what your area can offer in terms of green mobility. Mistake number 10: not checking the car properly on the day of delivery.

Pay attention to the build quality during delivery

There can be bodywork problems, misaligned parts and much more, so do not agree to collect the car if there are more anomalies than normal. Mistake number 11, which thus closes our list: take out inadequate insurance. When insuring your Tesla it's best to factor in as many services as possible, from crystal to theft-fire, as repairing your California car outside of your warranty can be a real drain.

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