They disassembled a Tesla electric motor: here is the video

They disassembled a Tesla electric motor: here is the video

Il video, which lasts about 13 minutes, allows you to see how the House has worked hard on the various components and perfected the design of the unit which, apparently, should be the one mounted on the rear axle of the current Model Y.

The optimization of the inverter

The whole powerplant weighs 88 kg and is an evolution of what was on the Tesla Model 3 in 2017. The main differences concern the inverter, which is much smaller than before and now has a different cooling system. The inverter has a much smaller printed circuit board, which however uses more or less the same components as the previous one. It only has a brand new controller, whose origin is not well understood.

The general layout is the same as the unit presented 7 years ago, but everything has been optimized to facilitate production, reduce costs and also improve the reliability and service life. There is perhaps a small problem, as Ingineerix himself points out: with the new engine, Tesla owners can no longer replace the oil filter independently as was the case in the past. It is also true that the same filter, except in rare cases, should not need any replacement.

There is also the hairpin stator

Opening the rotor, one finds a novelty of a certain weight. It's about the hairpin stator, which is much more efficient than the previous one and which also makes it much easier to reach large production volumes.

The card also has three slots for three dedicated drives temperature measurement, which is now done via infrared sensors. But for the moment it only hosts two, leaving one slot free.

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