Tesla "changes" the Model 3: new name and more autonomy (but less shooting)


Goodbye Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus; welcome Tesla Model 3 RWD. Or, if you prefer the wording reported by the Spanish site, Tesla Model 3 "Rear-wheel drive" which, as you can imagine, has a single engine that discharges the power to the ground at the rear. The range of the best-selling electric vehicle in the world is updated first in the United States and, in turn, in the other markets.

What changes is not only the name, but also the data declared in terms of autonomy, now 491 km on the WLTP cycle while in January on the Standard Range Plus they were 448 (estimated), and on delivery times: now if you order a Model 3 RWD you have to wait until February.

More autonomy, less shooting

Comparing the data between the new Model 3 RWD and the previous Standard Range Plus, we discover other curious differences. For example, if previously the attack model of the Palo Alto sedan took 0"100 to go from 5 to 6, now it takes 6"1.

Even in the information on the US site, 0-60 miles is given for half a second slower. However, the top speed of 225 km/h for both versions does not change.

  • Autonomy: 491 km (WLTP)
  • 0-100: 6"1
  • Max speed: 225 km / h


One thing that Tesla does not specify, however, is the type of battery adopted. In fact, one wonders if the new data is due to the adoption of CATL's LFP batteries, which have been announced for all the less expensive models of Model 3 and Model Y, or if this RWD represents in a certain sense an intermediate step, with still an accumulator made by Panasonic (with nickel-cobalt-aluminum cells) or by LG Energy Solution (with nickel-cobalt-manganese cells).

It starts from 49.990 euros

In Spain, the rear-wheel drive Tesla Model 3 costs 49.990 euros. In the United States, just out of curiosity, the same model is sold for a starting price of 43.990 dollars, which at the exchange rate are 37.970 euros. Going further, the rest of the range available in our country consists of Model 3 Long Range (54.990 euros) and Model 3 Performance (60.990 euros). Both, unlike the RWD, have two engines and four-wheel drive.

Version List Price
Tesla Model 3 RWD 49.990 €
Tesla Model 3 Long Range 54.990 €
Tesla Model 3 Performance 60.990 €

Meanwhile, Model S and Model X have also undergone some changes to the Spanish price list, with the Dual Range versions having undergone a price increase of 5.000 euros.

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