Tesla: la GigaBerlin produced già 3.000 Model Y a settimana

Tesla: la GigaBerlin produced già 3.000 Model Y a settimana

Le Tesla Model Y destined for Europe will soon cease to be imported from China. There Gigaberlin, in fact, constantly increases production rates and announces that it has now reached 3.000 cars a week. On an annual basis, this means that 156.000 cars can already leave the German factory every 12 months.

The American House announces the milestone by publishing a photo of the factory employees gathered inside a shed. The two Model Ys set up for the occasion (they have signs above their windshields) are barely visible, but the result doesn't change.

Austin is no different

Berlin calls, Austin he answers. The German Gigafactory has grown so much the Texan one accelerates. Even there, in fact, Tesla says it has achieved an equivalent Model Y production: 3.000 SUVs per week.

With these latest results, it means that the House is able to place 300.000 more Model Ys on the market a year to add to those that are produced in Fremont (destined for American motorists) and Shanghai (destined for China and Europe).

However, there is a difference between the two establishments. In Germany, all Tesla Model Ys are equipped with batteries made with 2170 cylindrical cells, while in Texas some versions of the SUV are already equipped with the brand new 4680 cells, which are produced right in that plant.

Towards full speed

The Gigafactory in Berlin, after the well-known vicissitudes that had slowed down its inauguration, had already reached a weekly production of 1.000 units in June and at the beginning of October it had reached 2.000 units per week.

Tesla: la GigaBerlin produced già 3.000 Model Y a settimana

The first Model Ys produced by Tesla in the Gigafactory in Berlin

At full capacity it's going to hit 5.000 Model Ys a week, with a projection of 250.000 cars produced annually. In fact, it is thought that this is the maximum potential of the factory as it is structured now, but there is already talk of future expansions to further increase volumes.

The final goal should already be achieved during 2023. So it is possible that from next year all Model Ys on sale in Europe will come from the German Gigafactory and that imports from China will end. We will see if with this further reorganization Elon Musk will introduce the that 4680 even in Europe or not.

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