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    Tesla, internet access becomes paid - Pistonudos.com.it

    La internet connectivity it has been one of the peculiarities of Tesla cars since the launch of the Model S in 2012. The service offers access to the network thanks to a data connection inside the vehicles and is completely free, or rather, it was. In 2014 the Palo Alto House announced that the internet connection would become paid from 2018, and now it's only a matter of time before that materialises. This is a maneuver similar to that adopted for the Superchargers, from free to paid for all new Teslas purchased from January 2017, XNUMX.

    In the email from the company's sales department, reported by Electrek, we learn of the existence of a paid package called premium connectivity, which will be active from July XNUMXst. Service will remain free for all prospective customers planning to order a Model S, Model X or Model 3 before the package goes into effect, while after July 1 Tesla will start offering both Premium and Low Standard Connectivity, the latter at no additional cost which includes navigator, route management based on traffic, information relating to Superchargers and safety updates.

    All the rest of the features will come under the Premium Connectivity, with real-time traffic information, vehicle and safety updates available for a fee, the price of which would amount to $ 100 per year as hypothesized by Electrek. In addition, the email indicates that Premium Connectivity will be free for one year for all those who purchase a Model 3 equipped with the package Indoor Premium, which could also be extended to the other two models in the range.

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