Tesla induces sleep.

Tesla induces sleep.
Model Y

An electric one makes little noise, as we know, and therefore facilitates sleep, especially for the little ones on board. But precisely because the atmosphere is quite muffled in the passenger compartment, certain warning signals can be particularly boring. Especially if there are small children asleep on the seats, perhaps cradled by the slight buzz that comes from under the bonnet.

From now on, "Joe Mode" will watch over their rest, a feature that the manufacturer introduced in 2019 which is essentially a setting of the volume of the signals that the car sends to the driver, focusing in particular on keeping silence in the rear seat area.

Elon's word

In the past, the company had already thought about - and promised - the introduction of a "baby mode" that would dampen noise, in particular those produced by Autopilot warnings which must be clearly audible by those behind the wheel.

As evidenced by the many requests from car owners for the brand for a quieter mode, however, it appears that the feature's alerts and sounds are still loud enough to disturb or wake up children. For this reason, Elon Musk's recent stances are likely to be greatly appreciated.

Tesla induces sleep.
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