Tesla: autonomous driving also in Spain but it will be optional

    Tesla: autonomous driving also in Spain but it will be optional

    Elon Musk wastes no time and keeping up with technology presents the new version of Autopilot, the "homemade" semi-autonomous driving system available worldwide. Thus, while we start talking about bureaucracy and laws again, Tesla is preparing to announce a version 1.01 with further improvements. Here are the main features and that's why the Californian company finds no difficulties and impediments in its global expansion.

    WHY THE GOOD LIGHT – The argument is very simple: the Tesla Autopilot is not 100% autonomous driving, but represents a previous step that looks more like an advanced cruise control. It is no coincidence that we have repeatedly heard Musk compare it to that of planes, assuming that there is always someone in command capable of taking control in case of problems. Also for this reason, according to his opinion, "the driver cannot waive responsibility", which says a lot about why Tesla manages to overcome any regulatory difficulty and obtain fundamental "pass" towards autonomous driving. Ultimately, the situation is this here: Elon Musk continues his exploratory path towards autonomous driving, always playing on the "offside edge"; as soon as he senses the right moment "he goes in goal". Therefore, maximum evolution of systems that allow semi-autonomous driving, then, as soon as the regulation allows it, Tesla will already be ready for autonomous driving.

    THE CHARACTERISTICS – Musk is convinced of this situation (and of the fact that the Model 3 will be successful in Europe), it is no coincidence that he declared that within three years the Teslas will be able to drive alone while the drivers sleep: “in the long term, the Autopilot he will drive much better than a person. He doesn't get tired, he doesn't drink, he doesn't argue with passengers and he doesn't get distracted while he drives ”. That's right, how do you blame him after taking a look at the features, without taking into account the already updated version (we'll talk about it “a few lines later”). The Autopilot "package" is available at 2.800 Euros (3.300 Euros for activation after delivery): the hardware includes a radar, a front camera and twelve ultrasonic sensors placed in various points on the bodywork, so as to guarantee 360 degrees. The software, on the other hand, manages the systems and functions, therefore the Tesla driver has automatic emergency braking, blind spot warning, adaptive cruise control, automatic steering and lane change (for which the arrow must always be activated), collision warning side and autonomous parking in parallel.

    WHAT A VERSION! – Consistent with his line of conduct, Musk has made sure that he already has an evolution of the Autopilot “in his pocket”, called “version 1.01”. It is rumored that its arrival will not be too late and something definitive is already known regarding the new features contained: it will include devices such as automatic speed adjustment when cornering, more advanced algorithms for keeping the lane even on roads in poor condition and improvements for the “learning” functions of the Tesla fleet. Meanwhile, Elon Musk is caught up in resolving the curiosity aroused by his announcement, which positions the Californian company's interest in the Chinese market (but also seems to be very interested in India), also and above all with regard to production. In fact, he seems interested in opening factories in China, useful for improving Tesla's logistics and probably also his fame, since, up to now, the land of the Dragon has proved difficult for him to make an affirmation of him.

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