How to disassemble the battery of a Tesla Model 3: here's how it's done

    Como desmontar a bateria de um Tesla Model 3: veja como é feito

    The world of electric cars is a black hole for many motorists, who still don't know the secrets that drive these new cars. For example: how many of you do not have they ever seen what a battery pack looks like? Someone thought about disassembling the battery of a Tesla.

    Gruber Motor Company disassembled a battery pack from a Tesla Model 3, full of 2170 cells. Just under 8 minutes to enter the magical world of electric car batteries, which as we know is in constant motion. Tesla itself mounts different batteries in its cars depending on where they are assembled.

    In the USA, batteries with 2170 cells have recently given way to 4680, the new cells launched at Tesla Battery Day last September. These innovative batteries already allow, thanks to larger cells and their different allocation, of increase total capacity by 5%. with the same size, within a few years, however, the aim is +20%.

    In China, at Tesla's Giga Shanghai, instead, LFP batteries are used, recently come under the spotlight for a problem with low temperatures. We are therefore talking about a varied and vast world, which could soon change profoundly thanks to glass batteries, developed by the Nobel Prize who created the current lithium batteries. We will see some good ones in the near future.

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