How to use a phone in a Tesla

How to use a phone in a Tesla

Tesla is the next stage in automotive evolution and can do more than just answer the phone or read a few texts. Indeed, it is possible to manage your Tesla with your phone; you just need to learn the additional features and have the right software installed.

To manage your Tesla with your phone, first install the Tesla app. Then make sure that Bluetooth is turned on in the car and in your device to sync your phone with your vehicle. Once connected, open the app and explore what you can do, such as making calls, receiving messages and browsing.

The LA Times quoted Elon Musk as saying, "We really designed the Model S to be a very sophisticated computer on wheels." He wasn't kidding, and in this guide, you'll learn how to pair your phone, use it to start your car, and many other ways the two are connected.

How to use a phone in a Tesla

Learning the Tesla Model 3 controls can take some time and adjusting, and you'll quickly discover that there are some distinct differences between this vehicle and the S and X models. If you get a call and instinctively reach for the scroll wheel to answer it, you'll you'll quickly realize that the wheel isn't there. This begs the question: How do you answer a phone call on a Tesla Model 3?

You can only answer a phone call in a Tesla Model 3 using the touch screen. The caller's number or name will appear and you can tap one of the options, “Answer” or “Ignore”. You cannot answer a phone call with a scroll wheel on this model.

In this article, I'm going to cover everything you need to know about using the phone on your Model 3. I'm also going to answer a few other questions you may have about your new vehicle.

How to answer the phone in Tesla Model 3

As mentioned earlier, Tesla has removed the option to answer a phone call using the scroll wheel in Model 3.

For many users, this change was a major point of complaint, as they at least expected some kind of scroll wheel-button hybrid that would allow them to respond without having to look at the screen. However, this feature was not made available on this model.

When you receive an incoming call, the touch screen will display the person's number or name, depending on whether the caller is saved in your contact list.

In some cases, the device may ask you to choose which speakers you want to use for the call. After that, just press “Answer” or “Ignore” to answer the phone.

How to make a phone call in Tesla Model 3

When it comes to making a call, you have three main options you can go with, whichever is the most convenient for you.

An additional option: You can make a phone call by tapping a pin placed on the map and choosing their phone number in the popup window.

How do I end a call in Model 3?

You can end a call in a Tesla Model 3 by tapping the “End Call” option on your vehicle's touchscreen. Just like you can't place a call using the scroll wheel, there's no option to hang up a call using a scroll button on the steering wheel.

If you want to find out how best to manage your Tesla alongside your phone, check out this article I wrote. Let me know what you think!

How do I use voice control on Tesla Model 3?

To initiate voice control on a Tesla Model 3, press the right scroll button on the steering wheel or tap the microphone button displayed on the touchscreen. You will hear a distinctive tone, after which you can say your favorite command.

When you speak your command, you'll also see it displayed on your touchscreen. Here, you'll also find hints on the type of commands you can say to activate different features.

After you finish speaking, you can wait until your order is placed or press the voice button again. Here are the most common voice commands you can use in your Tesla Model 3 and when you should use them.

Where do you put your phone in a Tesla Model 3?

There are no real phone jacks in a Tesla Model 3, although you can find two phone jacks just below the home screen. Therefore, you need to purchase a plastic holder or clip compatible with your model if you want to have a designated space for your phone.

How many phone keys can the Tesla Model 3 use?

The Tesla Model 3 can use up to three phone keys simultaneously. If you want to associate a specific phone with your vehicle, you will need to keep the other connected phone keys out of range or activate Bluetooth.

Once a phone has been authenticated, you no longer need an internet connection to use it as a key.

How to lock a Tesla Model 3 from the inside?

You can lock a Tesla Model 3 from the inside using the touchscreen. Tap Controls, then go to Blocks. Once there, you can select “Child Lock” in the menu. This will ensure that the rear doors no longer open using the interior unlock buttons.

Find the Tesla Model 3 that's right for you

How to use a phone in a Tesla

Electric car owners and prospective owners are often concerned about how cold weather affects charging on these vehicles. Since internal combustion engine vehicles aren't doing too well these days, electric variants are also bound to underperform, right?

Electric cars lose charge when it's cold. The lithium-ion batteries that power these vehicles are highly sensitive to extreme swings in temperatures. In cold weather below 40°F (4°C), batteries fail to deliver peak performance as they consume more energy due to additional power demands.

The rest of the article will cover everything you need to know about how cold weather affects electric cars. You'll also learn how to get the best possible performance from your battery.

How the cold affects electric cars

To understand how cold weather affects electric cars (EVs), we first need to look at how it affects internal combustion engine (ICE) cars. In the winter, ICE cars can suffer from significant problems including frozen fluids, black ice slides, and dead batteries.

However, commercial EV technology is relatively new and only about two decades old. This means that, unlike ICE cars, few people know what to do when the winter blues hit their EVs.

EV batteries lose charge faster when the temperature is colder than 40°F (4°C). The electrolyte fluid in the battery cells begins to freeze below that temperature range, meaning the battery doesn't have as much power to discharge.

To better understand this reaction, it is necessary to understand what happens when a lithium-ion battery is charged. During charging, the positively charged lithium ions swing from cathode to anode through the electrolyte fluid.

When it is downloaded, the reverse scenario occurs. With slow electrolyte fluid caused by cold, there would be fewer electrons carried in the first place. Combined with the increased demand on the battery to power the car's systems, the battery will lose its charge faster.

How much range deduction does the cold cause for electric vehicles?

Cold weather causes between 20% and 50% reduction in range for electric vehicles. The severity of the mileage reduction varies from one car model to another and can be influenced by specific charging practices.

Many relevant organisms have conducted experiments which have helped us find the above range. In 2019, a report from Wired stated that an EV would drive an average of 20% fewer miles in cold weather than in warm weather. A similar study by the AAA placed this percentage at 41%, while another by Consumer Reports placed it at 50%.

A Norwegian report in which researchers drove 20 different IV models under real-life conditions came up with an average of 20% range deduction. This report is among the most widely considered because Norway leads in EV adoption rates.

More than 42% of cars sold in the country in 2019 were all-electric, so they conducted more comprehensive EV testing than most countries.

The studies by AAA and Consumer Reports resulted in some rather baseless doom and gloom headlines that failed to consider the depth of research conducted by both bodies. The AAA research was conducted in a lab, while the Consumer Reports test featured only two models. The Norwegian report featured 20 vehicles in wintery outdoor conditions.

So, the right answer will likely be somewhere in between, as long as you're driving your car within the manufacturer's recommended cold limit. Most manufacturers make their cars usable even in temperatures as cold as -22°F (-30°C).

Keep in mind that EV batteries lose range due to inefficient transport of battery electrolytes and increased energy demands from the vehicle. ICE cars can produce heat to warm the car in cold weather. An EV battery must use some of the juice to power the heating systems, which shortens the range.

Will EV batteries die abruptly in cold weather?

Electric vehicle batteries won't die abruptly in cold weather. Most models are designed to give you plenty of warnings long before the batteries are close to death.

These alerts will typically tell you how many more miles you can expect to get out of the vehicle before it shuts down. If you act in time and charge your car, you won't have to worry about being stuck with a dead battery.

What are the best electric vehicles for cold weather?

They also charge uninhibited at lower temperatures. The above vehicles were highlighted as the best models in the Norwegian report referenced above. The Nissan Leaf was the best performing vehicle in cold weather in the AAA report.

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