Car Km 0: What are they? What advantages do they have? Guarantee?

Car Km 0: What are they? What advantages do they have? Guarantee?

Km. 0: What are they?

To understand what 0 km cars are, we have to make a premise.

Car dealers receive, as the name suggests, a concession to sell products from the parent company. These products are cars and, according to the contract, dealers are obliged to sell a certain number of them per month.

To meet these periodic targets imposed by the manufacturer, the dealers register, license and register themselves many cars per month. This is while waiting to sell them back to the end customer.

The 0 km cars are used only on paper and hardly ever leave the dealership (except for a few test drives).

Apart from a few tens of kilometres they are in fact brand new cars that can be bought at a lower price than new, which never hurts!

Car Km 0 means

Km 0 car means cars that the dealer has registered as the first owner.

Whoever buys it automatically becomes the second owner, as if the car were used.

In reality, the cars at km 0 have very low mileage and have only been used as displays at the dealerships.

The mileage of the 0 car in most cases means a lot!

The km 0 car differs from the new car

The main difference between a 0 km car and a new car is the price. A 0 km car can be sold at discounts of up to 25% of the list price of the new one, although it is actually mechanically new.

On the bureaucratic side the buyer will be the second owner, the first one will be the dealer.

In addition, 0 km cars almost never have only 0 km. In fact, they are often used as test cars for potential customers. Rarely, however, you will find a 0 km car with more than 100 km.

Advantages of a 0 km car

The advantages of a 0 km car are basically two:

  1. The price - a 0 km car can be up to 25% cheaper than the official list price - not a bad advantage!
  2. Ready for delivery - nowadays there are thousands of possible combinations of colours, accessories and engines. However, if the combination is "unique" we may have to wait several months before we get our new wheelchair. With the 0 km, on the other hand, you go to the dealer, choose it and drive away with a new car - fast!
  3. Optional extras: in addition to a great discount, 0 km cars are usually super-equipped. This means that you can get several options at a very reasonable price that would have cost several thousand euros on a new car.

Disadvantages of the 0 km car

0 km cars also have their disadvantages, let's see what they are:

  • No customization - with a new car you can make those demands to really make it our own. From special paint to the interior of a certain type. With 0 km 0 cars we have to settle for what "passes the dealership".
  • A lowerselling price - as we ourselves have a discount on a 0 km 0 car, the future buyer we might sell it to will surely ask for it. This is because the car will finally have made an extra change of ownership.
  • Unnecessary options: in addition to not being able to customize it, a 0 km car is usually super equipped. In some cases it may be an asset, in others it may not. In fact, if someone is looking for a spartan car with no unnecessary extras, 0km may not be their choice. The equipment is often rich due to the use of some 0 km 0's as a show car.
  • Storage conditions - many 0 km 0's are parked inside the dealership under cover. Others are parked outdoors, exposed to the weather for days or months. Therefore, it is essential to check the condition of the car during the purchase phase. Opening the bonnet or taking a look at the underbody to check for rust can save time and money with the seller. Some defects can be used as an excuse to ask for an additional discount...

0 Km car warranty

Being in the used car role, 0 km cars do not benefit from the standard 24 month warranty on new cars.

The minimum warranty can never be less than 12 months as described in the Consumer Code.

However, it is often the case that a dealer has to make room for new supplies or sales needs, and therefore offers an extended warranty.

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