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    Tesla is organizing a "virtual recall" in China which will involve over 285.000 between Model 3 and Model Y. Specifically, we are talking about 249.855 Model 3 and Model Y produced in the country and 35.665 Model 3 imported from America. These are cars produced between December 2019 and June 2021 according to the Chinese "State Administration for Market Regulation".


    The problem would be the cruise control which could be accidentally activated by touching the gear selector, causing sudden acceleration. The critical issue will be resolved in a very simple way by the car manufacturer given that cars they will receive an OTA update. Car owners, therefore, will not be forced to go to an American manufacturer's service center.

    According to CNN reports, Tesla "apologized" for the recall to its Chinese customers through a message posted on its official account on Weibo, one of China's most popular social networks. The Chinese market has long been "difficult" for Elon Musk's company given that the authorities have put American electric cars "under observation" several times to investigate some qualitative aspects.

    However, the Chinese market is also one of the most important for the manufacturer. The American company, for example, has set itself the ambitious goal of being able to achieve produce 500.000 cars annually at the Shanghai Gigafactory. It is worth remembering that even in America the Teslas had been investigated following accidents caused by unexpected accelerations. Investigations which had ascertained that the faults were to be attributed only to incorrect maneuvers by the drivers. In China, however, a different conclusion has been reached.

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