Tesla Model 3: here's how much it costs to replace batteries

    Tesla Model 3: eis quanto custa substituir as baterias

    One of the biggest fears of new and future electric car owners is that of the eventual battery pack replacement cost. In fact, the small units installed in traditional cars are quite cheap, but for EVs they represent the heaviest and most expensive component.

    From the outset, manufacturers of zero-emission cars have tried to put consumers at ease by offering a worry-free long-term warranty system, which almost always ends after 120.000 kilometers and 5 years of use.

    In any case, the possibility that the battery pack has serious problems beyond the manufacturer's coverage are real, and in this sense it seems that replacing it entirely in a brand workshop will cost at least 16.000 dollars (in the United States). This was stated by the guys from Current Automotive, who have published an invoice regarding the replacement.

    The publication underlined the fact that the warranty for the Tesla battery is still generous, since for example it starts from the minimum coverage of 8 years or 160.000 kilometres for Model 3 and Model Y Standard or Standard Range Plus to reach the 8 years or 240.000 kilometres of Model S and X, and the situation could even improve with the new 4680 cells. We would like to clarify that the insurance does not, however, cover the damages caused by the owner.

    To start closing, we want to refer you to the few simple rules to be respected to maximize the efficiency of Teslas: electric cars, compared to traditional ones, need a little more attention.

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