Pollen filter: what is it, when to change it and how much does it cost?

Pollen filter: what is it, when to change it and how much does it cost?

What is the pollen filter?

The pollen filter is a device that filters the air entering the vehicle through the air vents. Without the pollen filter, any particulate matter and dust in the air and on the road surface could enter the passenger compartment, soiling it and causing discomfort to passengers.

Another name for the pollen filter is the passenger compartment filter. From a technical point of view, the passenger compartment filter is even more correct as a name, as the pollen filter not only blocks the entry of pollen but also of many other debris and road dust.

Why is it important to replace the pollen filter?

The pollen filter makes using the car much more pleasant and safer, both for driving and for the health of the occupants. You don't have to be allergic to enjoy cleaner air inside your car.

A new, intact and clean pollen filter has several benefits:

  • Improved air conditioning performance - if the filter becomes clogged with pollen and pollen, the air conditioning will have difficulty cooling the passenger compartment. On the other hand, a clean pollen filter improves air conditioning and reduces electricity consumption.
  • Less fogged windows - a dirty pollen filter prevents air from circulating freely inside the car and causes the windows to fog more easily.

When should the pollen filter be replaced?

The pollen filter is one of the components that is always checked during car service. If you observe the service intervals, you will never encounter a dirty pollen filter.

In principle, however, the pollen filter should be changed every year or every 12 to 15,000 km. If you drive a lot of kilometres or drive on very dusty roads, this mileage will logically decrease.

How much does it cost to replace the pollen filter?

Replacing the pollen filter is one of the cheapest car maintenance activities. The cost of changing the pollen filter is rarely more than 35 euros, including the mechanic's labour and the new cabin filter.

For allergy sufferers there are specific anti-allergy filters on the market that cost more, but greatly improve the quality of the air in the passenger compartment. Check for yourself whether they are available for your car model or order them directly during the replacement phase.

Is an activated carbon pollen filter suitable?

The activated carbon pollen filter enables better air purification and costs only a few euros more than a normal pollen filter. For a few euros you can improve the air quality inside your vehicle. A real must to make the journey even more pleasant.

Our advice is to always ask for the use of an activated carbon filter during the cutting phase.

Can you clean the pollen filter?

Some people think that you can clean the pollen filter with a little compressed air and make it as good as new. While it is true that there are washable pollen filters on the market, it is also true that most of the ones installed are not washable.

It is better to spend a few extra euros to ensure a clean interior than to waste time cleaning a filter which, in any case, will always be less effective than a new one.

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