The Tesla Model 3 conquers the United Kingdom: it is the best-selling car in September

    O Tesla Model 3 conquista o Reino Unido: é o carro mais vendido em setembro

    The Tesla Model 3, about two years after its launch, continues to record exceptional sales numbers within the European market. With the arrival of the September data for the UK, we found that the Palo Alto sedan prevailed over all other models, electric and non-electric, with 6.879 registrations.

    In second place went the Vauxhall Corsa with 5.235 registrations, while the BMW 3 Series closed the podium with 4.788 preferences. In principle, the entire zero-emission British automotive sector can rejoice, because in September there was a overall sales increase of 49,4 percent year over year. In fact, the information shared by the SMMT speaks of 32.721 fully electric vehicles registered in thirty days, compared to 21.903 registrations in September 2020.

    Rather interesting, however, is the fact that the Model 3 has not been overtaken by the new Model Y. Since the latter was marketed in 2020, it has very often managed to overtake its sister, but evidently in the UK motorists do not prefer it in particular way.

    In any case, the significant gain of electric cars in terms of market share absolute begins to become important. Of course we are not at the level of other countries (in Norway the EVs dominate), but by now the progression appears unstoppable, even in Spain where the paradigm shift is proceeding more slowly.

    Speaking of the United Kingdom, we want to start concluding by referring you to our special on the subject of sustainability and energy supply sources: the UK is betting on wind and nuclear power, and Spain?

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