How many battery cells are in a Tesla? Models compared

How many battery cells are in a Tesla? Models compared

Tesla constantly strives to get the best possible result from each battery cell. Technology is advancing all the time, and Tesla is pouring billions into research and development to stay at the forefront of the best possible battery technology on the market. EV batteries come in many shapes and sizes and often change, depending on technology and needs. So how many batteries are packed in a Tesla?

The number of batteries in a Tesla depends on the type of battery used by the specific Tesla model. These batteries come in different sizes and number of lithium ion cells that make up the battery. The Tesla Model 3 and Y have approximately 2976-4416 cells while the Model S and X have approximately 7104 individual cells.

How many battery cells are in the Tesla Model 3?

The Tesla Model 3 Long Range uses a 2170 type battery. It comes with anything from 2 to 976 cells depending on the model. The complete battery pack consists of four longitudinal modules that create a rectangular shape. These batteries exert a weight of 4 416 pounds on the vehicle with a consumption of 1Wh/mile.

The Tesla Model 3 Standard Range has the same physical characteristics only with fewer cells and battery weights. Check out the table below.

The Tesla Model 3 has never been equipped with 18650 batteries, but comparing the individual battery sizes with the older 18650 batteries, this one is larger, both in diameter and in length. Measures 70mm in length and 21mm in diameter. Hence the type: 2170.

I've created this table below to compare the number of batteries and (future 4680) battery types to current Tesla Model 3 variants.

How many battery cells are in the Tesla Model Y?

The 2021 Model Y uses the same 2170 battery as the Model 3 and comes with ~4 Li-ion cells with the Long Range and ~416 battery cells with the Standard Range. The 2 Model Y, made in Texas and Germany, uses the 976 battery and consists of ~2022 batteries.

The Tesla Model Y and Model 3 share the exact same platform, so I'm assuming the amount of 4680 batteries used for both cars will be the same. Once I get official confirmation from Tesla, I will update this information accordingly.

I wrote a battery related article where I explained all the Tesla battery temperature ranges. You'll know exactly how extreme temperatures affect your Tesla. Check!

  • 20% increase in battery density compared to 18650 batteries.
  • 9% price reduction over 18650 types (although battery prices are steadily declining).
  • Low weight so it can go more miles.
  • It recharges faster and for a 20 minute charge, it can go up to 370 miles.
  • Small applications unlike 18650 which is also used in other power tools.
  • Shorter battery life than 18650 batteries.

How many battery cells are in the Tesla Model X?

As with everything Tesla, they (in partnership with Panasonic) have improved 18650 a lot since the Model X was launched in 2015. The battery has become lighter and more efficient.

Tesla had various battery sizes until 2018 when they decided to keep it simple and only offer 2 models in the Standard Range and the Long Range Plus. As far as I know both current models use the same amount of batteries and one is limited via software , depending on your specific configuration.

How many battery cells are in the Tesla Model S?

As with all Tesla models, the Tesla Model S has various amounts of battery cells in their batteries. It depends on the size of the completed battery unit. The smallest Tesla Model S battery uses 5 880 battery cells and the largest 8 256. The newer model will eventually have fewer batteries using the 4680 battery.

Check out the following table to see the exact battery quantities of every Tesla Model S ever produced:

  • Wide applications.
  • Resistant to degradation and therefore to long cycle life.
  • Large capacity and high performance.
  • Safe and does not explode or cause pollution.
  • Small internal resistance compared to ordinary liquid cells.
  • It has many spaces between the many cells for better cooling.
  • The design is prone to shorting and may fail when this happens.

How many battery cells are in the original Tesla Roadster?

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