Recharge the Tesla with the house socket? responds

Recharge the Tesla with the house socket? responds
A Tesla Model 3 charging with a wall-box. But is even a normal grip enough?

Is it advisable to recharge the Tesla with the home socket? This is the question Andrea asks us, waiting to install a wall-box. responds.

Recharge the Tesla with the plug…/ Power at 6/7 kWh

“First of all congratulations. I have recently discovered you, but I have started following you assiduously because you are very competent and exhaustive in everything you deal with and are asked of you. Explaining things in simple terms even for someone new to this world like me. I'm about to change cars and I will go on a Tesla long range. At home, at first I won't have a Wall station available right away, because I've decided to do the work with the Ecobonus and they will leave a little after the delivery of the car. So initially I will recharge with a simple home or work outlet. My question is this, regardless of the charging method at home (household outlet or Wall station). Increasing the kilowatts to 6/7, when the machine is in charge at 6 kW the remaining ones are enough to meet the needs of the house with everyone other appliances (TV, fridge etc.)?. A thousand thanks". Andrea Puccini.

Recharge the Tesla with the socket... / La Casa does not rule it out, but be careful with safety

Tesla does not exclude the possibility of recharging at home with a normal socket. In the Guide easy published online, the American House publishes a section of answers to frequently asked questions. And one is: "Can I use a standard household outlet to charge my vehicle? Yes. A household plug adapter has been included as standard with all new Tesla cars. Depending on the vehicle, this adapter adds 13-18 km of range for each hour of charging. For better home charging, we recommend installing a Wall Connector“. However, we reiterate what was written a few days ago by Paolo Mariano in reply to another reader. That is, although there are many who do it, it is not recommended charge with the schuko permanently. This because, as said several times, if the system is not correctly sized, there is a risk of overheating and potential damages. If you really decide to choose this solution, it is essential to have it checked the installation by an electrician.

Only top-ups are possible in the garage, knowing that…

The wall-box, among many other things, serves precisely to modulate the recharging power of the car, preventing the overload from triggering the circuit breaker. And doing happily coexist with household consumption and charging. Let's imagine that the Tesla you are referring to, Andrea, is the Model 3 Long Range, which has a battery of 79 kWh and a declared autonomy of 614 km. At home he will hardly be able to "fill up", limiting himself to simple top-ups.

Especially since, as mentioned in the article cited, this recharging system ensures low efficiency. It is estimated that by recharging at 6 Ampere, the yield is around 80/82%. Means that every 10 kWh drawn from its meter, only about 8 would end up in the battery. For important top-ups, it is advisable to check if it is present in your area a Tesla Supercharger. In which to recharge at affordable prices and at powers over 100 kW. Or, alternatively, in the direct current columns of another network, at slightly more expensive prices.

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