Becoming a Tesla "mechanic": training courses for electric cars

Becoming a Tesla

If battery-powered cars established themselves on the market the need for mechatronics for electric cars would greatly increase. This is true in general but it is even more valid for electric cars on the crest of the wave and therefore many want to become Tesla “mechanics”.. We are well aware that the maintenance of hybrid cars implies the knowledge of particular procedures because the electrical "parts" - battery in primis - have dedicated procedures. Diversity increases when talking about pure electric vehicles and we therefore wonder if there are training courses for electric cars. The answer is yes: there are training courses for electric cars and they want to train specialized car repairers. These courses to become an electric car mechatronics are already widespread in the USA and there are specific ones for Tesla. The Miami-Dade College, for example, has agreements with Tesla for implement its START training program.

Becoming a Tesla


This technical program is a fairly intense training designed for equip students with the skills needed to become Tesla auto repairers. The START educational path aims to provide students with the necessary technical skills through classroom lessons, practical laboratories and independent learning. Students will earn various certifications and they will learn soft skills and group-based repair work. Relevant military service experience is recognized and, indeed, veterans are encouraged to enroll. But what are the subjects that are taught in the courses to become Tesla car repairers? The program is full: safety, regenerative braking, inverter technology (find out why they fail) and batteries, including recharging and BMS management. Of course, we also talk about high voltage wiring, the autonomous driving systems and the physics that underpins Li-Ion batteries.


There are 6 professional institutes affiliated with Tesla's START program in the USA e the courses last 3 months, with rather busy schedules. It is interesting to learn more from the entry of Antonio Delgado, dean of engineering, technology and design at Miami Dade College. Delgado states that “because Tesla is an industry leader, they have designed a course dedicated exclusively to electric vehicles“. We then discover that the first thing students get is a laptop, because everything takes place via PC. Delgado continues: “It's not a physical job but a technological one. The main motivation is to devote 100% of 3 months to learning to move towards a bright future”. But is this training course to become a Tesla car repairer paid? Dade College students, given their full-time commitment, will be paid county minimum wage of $8,46/hour plus an additional $XNUMX/hour.

Becoming a Tesla


The statistics of Tesla, which trains teachers, show that 75% of students pass their final exams and go to a Tesla service. In fact, students undertake to accept, within 30 days from the date of graduation, a job for at least two years at a Tesla Service Center. There are not many electric cars in Spain but they should spread more along with their maintenance needs. We know how much their service costs compared to that of conventional cars but the Tesla network is not yet very developed. In addition to the already active centers of Peschiera Borromeo and Padua openings are planned in Turin, Bologna and Rome. For to become a Tesla mechanic will the courses of the START program also have to be followed in Spain? If you are interested we can say that we are informing ourselves and we hope to be able to give you some news soon!

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