The Guide to check the car in the ITV

The Guide to check the car in the ITV

What is servicing and why do it?

Servicing is a mandatory statutory inspection that must be carried out with fixed deadlines, whenever the car is on the road. It is often confused with the coupon, which is mainly a check that is carried out as part of the agreement with the manufacturer to maintain the warranty, which is not mandatory by law.

The check serves to ensure that the car is in good condition and can be driven safely on public roads, so it is not a problem for us or other road users.

What is checked during the service?

A car service is a very thorough check of the car's condition. The concept of "safety" introduced above includes not only technical checks to prevent damage to property and people (such as brakes or chassis strength) but also environmental checks, such as measuring exhaust emissions.

The following components are always examined during the car check:

  • the functioning of the brakes, the electrical system and the steering system
  • the structural integrity of the frame
  • the state of wear of the suspensions and pneumatic axles
  • the quality of the bodywork (i.e. the absence of damage, sharp parts or rust)
  • engine sound and emissions/exhaust fumes
  • the condition of the wheels and tyres
  • mandatory equipment (triangle and reflective vest, cricket key and wheel)
  • approved equipment, such as bike racks and extra headlights.

When is the service?

The first service must be carried out 4 years after the first registration, within a month of the first registration, from the second the deadline becomes biennial and must be carried out within a month of the previous service. For example, if we buy a Fiat 500 in September 2019, the first revision must be done in September 2023; the second in September 2025.

Beware that if for some reason we anticipate the revision and instead of September we do it in July, the new deadline will be two years after that date, i.e. July 2023, not September.

How much does the review cost?

The cost of the service varies between 46 and 67 euros. What is the difference? If we take it to the ITV we will pay 45 euros for the service and 1.78 euros for the payment, but we will have to do the bureaucratic paperwork ourselves, including filling in the TT2100 form (originally called MC2100) which can be downloaded at the bottom of the page.

If instead we choose to do it at the workshop/revision centre under our home, we will pay 67 euros, including 45 euros of revision + 9,90 euros of VAT, 10,20 euros for the TDT fee and 1,78 euros of payment; as we only have to bring it and return it, they will take care of the bureaucracy.

Obviously everyone is free to choose where to do it according to their own commitments; given the little difference in price, we always recommend doing it in a certified and known revision centre, where you will surely save a lot of time.

What happens if you don't pass the audit?

If our car/motorcycle does not pass the audit, the following three conditions can occur:

  1. Repeat: our car/motorcycle fails one or more tests and must be repaired before a second audit. This must be done within 30 days of the first one at the same service centre and a new procedure must be paid for.
  2. I repeat, suspended from circulation: the test has detected serious damage that makes the car dangerous and therefore it is not allowed to circulate freely. The car can only be taken to a garage and repairs must be carried out as soon as possible before a second inspection (which must be paid for again). The cause of the "rejection" of the overhaul is always identified with a code from 1 to 9 which identifies which part of the car is damaged: 1. Brakes; 2. Once the car has been repaired, you will need to book a repair at the same centre and, once you have made an appointment, you will only be able to travel on the same day by bringing the booking form with you.
  3. Suspended interior: in case of minor damage, the service is temporarily suspended. So we can go to a garage, have the car repaired and return to the service centre without having to pay for a second procedure. Convenient!

What do we do if we forget the service?

With the review there are no grace periods, even after only one day of expiration, we are punished by law. Do not panic, if you have forgotten to do the review we will have to make an appointment as soon as possible. On the day of the review, do not forget to bring the booking form which, in case of checks, will allow us to get to the review center without being punished.

We strongly advise you not to move your car until the check-up has been carried out successfully, as the penalties can be very expensive.

Can you drive without a service?

Absolutely NOT! The service is a legal obligation and as such is not questionable. As written above, the only case where you are allowed to drive with an expired check-up is on the exact day you have booked the appointment to comply with the procedure.

Let's remember that this is obviously not a "bonus" or a pass to circulate freely and avoid creating problems with the law.

What are the fines for driving without inspection?

If you are stopped while driving a vehicle with an expired or unmaintained roadworthiness inspection, you may incur not only monetary penalties, which have just been increased in 2019, but also a fine for stopping the vehicle. The amount of the penalties depends on the context:

  • From €169 to €679 - if the vehicle is stopped with the overdue revision. In addition to the fine, the police will put a sticker on the registration certificate of the vehicle that will allow you to move only to a technical inspection center to get in order.
  • From 338 to 1358 euros - if you drive with a vehicle that has missed the inspection more than once.
  • 422 to 1695 euros - if you show a false audit certificate during an inspection. In addition to the fine already lost, the registration certificate will be withdrawn.
  • 1957 to 7829 - if you drive with a vehicle that has not passed the inspection with the result "Repeat, suspended from circulation" and therefore still has to be repaired.

What is issued after the inspection?

If our vehicle passes the review successfully, the mechanic will give us a sticker with the words "Regular", the date of the review and other data to put on the registration certificate in the specific boxes.

As a novelty, from 2019 we will also receive the "Certificate of Overhaul".

What is the Certificate of Review?

The Certificate of Audit is a document given to us at the end of the audit which contains the car (or motorcycle) identification details and the results of the audit. In addition to providing an overview of the vehicle's condition, this new document is an attempt to curb fraud associated with used car odometer tampering.

As the data is reported to the Ministry of Transport, anyone looking to buy a used car would do well to check the mileage measured at the last service.

The Certificate of Overhaul includes the following data:

  • the registration number of the car or motorcycle
  • chassis number (located on the dashboard, bonnet or documents)
  • vehicle category
  • mileage recorded during the service
  • place and date of the service
  • name of the centre/motorisation where the inspection took place
  • result of the audit and description of the interventions
  • expiry date of the test and date of the next test

What is the difference with a classic car overhaul?

There is nothing specialabout vintage vehicles or vehicles of historical interest, the overhaul must always be carried out every two years. It must be carried out, as with "younger" cars and motorcycles, within one month of the previous service.

If we have carried out the service of our vintage Fiat 600 on 15 July 2017, we will have to do it on 31 July 2019 at the latest.

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