Tesla Model Y: features, versions and price

Tesla Model Y it's a medium-sized crossover belonging to segment J equipped with an electric engine assisted by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery; officially presented at the beginning of 2019, it inherits most of the components of the Model 3 sister such as the platform.

Designed by Franz Von Holzhausen, father of Model S, Model X and 3, in terms of design it reflects what is current family feeling di Tesla, with simple, smooth lines on the outside and a minimalist interior in the cabin. Despite the relatively close launch, Model Y has already achieved a number of enviable successes both overseas and in Europe. In Norway, for example, over 900 units were registered in just two weeks, surpassing the previous results achieved with the Volkswagen ID.4 (750 units), Ford Mustang Mach-E (660 units) and Tesla Model 3 (just over 600 units) ).

Success, as anticipated, was also immediately achieved in the United States where Tesla registered more than 12 thousand units in the first quarter of 2021, exceeding the Model 60 numbers by 3% in the same period. Model Y has just arrived in Italy and it is still too early to understand what the response from fans will be; at present the best-selling electric in Italy is the Model 3 sister.


Tesla Model Y: features, versions and price


Model Y measures 4,75 meters long, 1,92 meters wide with a wheelbase of approximately 3 meters and a total weight of just over 2 tons. In addition to the classic rear trunk common to most cars, in this case of almost 500 liters, there is also a more compact compartment under the front hood, known as frunk, useful for positioning charging cables and bags of dimensions contained.

Despite the possibility of installing a third row of seats to accommodate up to seven occupants, Model Y preserves one high load capacity even in its maximum configuration. With all the benches pulled down, however, it is possible to have 1840 dm3. The front and center seats are electrically adjustable and heated; only the rear ones remain manual.


The interior design is Minimalist and once again it is characterized by the absence of physical keys on the dashboard; no speed indicator or dashboard therefore, just a 15 ”maxi display embedded in the central console oriented in landscape mode. This is an essential screen for viewing and monitor all functions and indications by Model Y; in addition to information relating to speed and range, it is possible to manage the audio system, the charging and air conditioning system, the settings of the driving assistant and all those ancillary services that Tesla makes available.

Model Y, as well as all electrified vehicles always connected to the network, is able to update itself automatically via OTA packages released by the manufacturer on an almost regular basis. Finally, there is a navigation system that calculates the itinerary including the recharging network with Supercharger and indicating the duration of the stop so that the vehicle is charged enough to continue.


Tesla Model Y: features, versions and price

As for driving aids, Tesla offers two distinct services: Advanced Autopilot and Full Self-Driving. The differences are the same that can be found in any Elon Musk vehicle; while the first mode, from 3.800 euros, allows partial automatic driving, the second from 7.500 euros allows greater control by artificial intelligence. In any case, it should be noted that the available functions require the active supervision of the driver as indicated in Tesla's own notes.


Tesla is known in the market mainly for thehigh technology that pours on board of their cars, but are the cars safe? The current assessment by theAmerican entity NHTSA, the overseas institution comparable to EuroNCAP, is of 5 5 of stars. The score is really interesting, especially considering who got the maximum evaluation also in all sub-categories such as frontal crash, side crash and rollover. The evaluation of EuroNCAP has not yet been made public: we just have to wait.

Battery and warranty

The range is made up with versions Long Range e Performance, all equipped with a 75 kWh and 350 Volt battery pack. The warranty for the batteries is 8 years or 192 km, whichever comes first, with at least 70% capacity retention beyond the contract period. The warranty naturally also covers the repair or replacement of any faulty parts.

The charging system provides for the additional installation of Tesla Wall Connector, capable of delivering a maximum power of 7,4 kW, depending on the maximum charging speed of your home. The use of systems equipped with a higher output, up to 250 kW (such as Supercharger V3 with CCS Combo 2), provides for a drastic reduction in charging times.


At present there are two versions made available by the Palo Alto manufacturer, so as to facilitate the choice of all those who are looking for a high-performance electric crossover. The variant Long Range, the cheapest model, guarantees an autonomy (in the WLTP cycle) of 480 km and a power of 350 hp; the sportiest version, known as Performance, allows an autonomy of (always in the WLTP cycle) of 505 km and a power of 512 hp. Finally, all models are equipped with four-wheel drive all-wheel drive. While Model Y Long Range stops at 217 Km / h, the Performance variant reaches the top 250 Km / h. Important differences in the shot from 0 to 100: 5,1 seconds for Long Range and about 2 seconds for Performance (3,7 s).


Tesla Model Y: features, versions and price


As mentioned in the previous paragraph, the range currently declines in two variants but it is not excluded that a third model may arrive in the future.

Model And Performance Model Y Long Range
Sizes 4750 x 2129 x 1623 mm 4750 x 2129 x 1623 mm
Battery Long Range – 75 kWh Long Range – 75 kWh
Ricarica Max AC 11.5 kW 11.5 kW
Max DC charging 250 kW 250 kW
Acceleration 3,7 s 0-100 km/h 5,1 s 0-100 km/h
Autonomy 480 km (WLTP estimate) 505 km (WLTP estimate)
Guide Double permanent magnet motor with all-wheel drive Double permanent magnet motor with all-wheel drive
Sedili Up to 7 adults Up to 7 adults
Wheel 21 inches 19 or 20 inches
Max load volume 1.9 cubic meters 1.9 cubic meters
Max speed 241 km/h 217 km/h
Display 15-inch central touchscreen 15-inch central touchscreen
Supercharger pay per use pay per use

The increase in performance and autonomy is not the only aspect that determines the differences between the two versions; it should be noted that there are also some aesthetic and functional inequalities. For example, Model Y Performance benefits from 21 "oversized rims (Uberturbine), more performance braking system, lowered suspension and aluminum alloy pedals.

Specify the differences between the two variants, it is good to indicate which are the standard equipment aboard Model Y Long Range. Tesla, at this juncture, has really thought of everything by installing a series of accessories that you will hardly find on board other models: for example the panoramic roof is standard as well as the electro actuated tailgate and the photochromic mirrors close them electrically.


Tesla Model Y: features, versions and price


Tesla Model Y in the declination Long Range it is the only one compatible with the incentives planned for Italy (the famous Ecobonus). With a price of 60.990 €, falls point blank within the fixed limit id 61 thousand euros. Scrapping your car you can then join the initiative and receive one 10 thousand euro discount at the time of purchase.

There is a if however, theset up cannot be changed as any addition would lead to an upward modification of the price. In order to receive the bonus, you must purchase Model Y LR with the white standard color (the one in our photos), with dark leather interiors and 19 ”wheels. The Performance variant, excluded from the Ecobonus, has a list price of 68.990 euros.

Tesla Model Y: features, versions and price
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