Tesla Model Y

Tesla Model Y

La Tesla Model Y accept these top-up mode:

  • Recharge in alternating current AC (Mode 2 and Mode 3)
    The Tesla Model Y has a connector Type 2.
  • DC charging (Mode 4)
    The Tesla Model Y can perform fast DC charging with standard CCS Combo2.

The in-vehicle charger accepts al massimo 7.4 kW (32A 230V single-phase) / 11 kW (16A 400V three-phase).

Recharge in Alternating Current (Mode 2 and Mode 3)
Fino and 7.4 kW (32A 230V single-phase) / 11 kW (16A 400V three-phase)
DC Recharge (Mode 4)
Fine and 250 kW
Tesla Model Y battery capacity and range

Data declared by the Manufacturer on the website

Battery capacity 75.0 kWh
Autonomy in electric up to 505 km
Tesla Model Y charging times

Below is an estimate of the times required to carry out a complete recharge (0% –> 100%); all partial top-ups are of course permitted and times are reduced proportionately.
Recharging at 10A 230V (2.3 kW) is carried out with the supplied cable fitted with a domestic plug (Schuko) (if supplied by the car manufacturer).
To be able to recharge with higher current/power (e therefore in less time), you must have one portable charging station (2 mode) or recharge with a Wall-Box / Mode 3 charging station.

Ricarica and 10A 230V (2.3 kW): 32.6 ore approx

Ricarica and 16A 230V (3.7 kW): 20.3 ore approx

Ricarica and 32A 230V (7.4 kW): 10.1 ore approx

Ricarica and 16A 400V (11 kW): 6.8 ore approx

Ricarica and 32A 400V (22 kW): 6.8 ore approx

Instead, this is therange extension (km) which you get into 1 hour of charging to the different powers:

We remind you that, for all electric cars, the real range varies according to various factors, in particular: personal driving style, road conditions, outside temperature, heating/air conditioning and pre-heating.
La fast charging in Direct Current DC (Mode 4) can be performed on Mode 4 charging stations with CCS Combo2 standard (80% recharge in about 30-60 minutes).

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