Tesla Model 3s with heated steering wheels are already on the road

    Tesla Model 3s com volantes aquecidos já estão na estrada

    Some US motorists have reported that they have received an updated variant of the Tesla Model 3, which It comes with a heated steering wheel. The Californian automaker is renowned for its progressive updates, but we don't yet know when this update will roll out to the whole world.

    Except for important refreshes such as those just implemented on the next Model S and Model X, it is very often difficult to understand what the Fremont brand has in store for its customers. Many times, just like in this case, buyers find new features in their hands without knowing it at all.

    Let's not discuss the over-the-air software updates, which serve both to improve technical characteristics such as power or autonomy, and to add new functions or perhaps even to fix system errors or finally to insert a new game in the on-board infotainment .

    However, it should be emphasized that other motorists who have come into possession of the latest Model 3 variant have not actually received the specimens with the heated steering wheel, so it is not said that the feature has been installed extensively.

    While waiting for more information on the matter, we want to share potentially interesting news with you: apparently The Witcher 3 will actually be playable on the Model S Plaid which, we recall, mounts a GPU with a power of 10 TeraFLOPS (here is our special on the new premium sedan).

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