Tesla Model 3 Won't Crash When I Walk Away: Here's What To Do

Tesla Model 3 Won't Crash When I Walk Away: Here's What To Do

What to do if model 3 does not crash

If you are a Tesla Model 3 owner, there is a possibility that you have run into a problem with your car not locking up, especially when you drive away from it. While this can be frustrating, there are a few things you can do to try and fix the problem.

Make sure all doors and windows are closed

If your Model 3 won't lock up when you walk away, don't panic. Instead, check if all doors and windows are closed properly. Here's what to do:

  1. Open and close all doors on your Tesla.


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  2. Use the window adjustment buttons to roll up the windows.

Check if you have a faulty seat belt sensor

If you find that all doors and windows are closed properly, you may have a faulty seat belt sensor. The pocket door lock feature on Model 3 will not engage if someone is inside the vehicle.

If there is a problem with the sensor, it could make your car think that someone is still sitting in the front seat even when they aren't, preventing it from stalling. To fix this, you will need to take your car to service so they can check and replace the seat belt sensor.

Check the driver profile settings


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If your Model 3 still doesn't crash, check your driver profile settings. You can disable the pocket door lock feature in the settings, and if you did it accidentally, your doors won't lock.

To check if the blocking function has been disabled in the driver profile, follow these steps:

  1. Tap "Controls" on the touchscreen.
  2. Select “Blocks”.
  3. Tocca “Walk Away Door Lock”.
  4. Activate the function by sliding the switch to the right.

The following video from the Master Brothers explains everything you need to know about Tesla driver profiles:

Disable battery optimization on your app

If you're using the Tesla mobile app, the problem with your Model 3 not locking up may be due to battery optimization. This feature can prevent your car from locking when you walk away because it cuts off the communication between your phone and the vehicle.

To disable battery optimization on the Tesla app, do the following:

  1. Open your smartphone's Settings app.
  2. Tap “Battery”.
  3. Tap “Battery Optimization”.
  4. Find the Tesla app and tap it.
  5. Select "Don't Optimize".

Contact Tesla Customer Care

If none of the above solutions work, it's best to contact Tesla Customer Service. They can help you troubleshoot and find a solution.

Also, if the pocket door lock feature isn't working properly, you could have a more significant problem with your car. Hence, it is always best to err on the side of caution and contact customer support.

Visit a Tesla Service Center

If you continue to experience problems with your Model 3 not locking up, the next best step is to visit a Tesla Service Center. They may be able to diagnose and fix the problem for you.

They can also help you if you have other problems with your car. For example, they can check for any available software updates for Model 3.

Note: If your Model 3 doesn't lock up when you walk away, it could be due to a hardware or software problem. The following table classifies potential causes into these two groups:

Potential cause Hardware problem Software problem Easy fix
Doors and windows open Yes No Make sure all doors and windows are closed
Faulty seat belt sensor Yes No Visit a Tesla Service Center
Walk-away lock deactivated in driver profile settings No Yes Activate Walk-Away Lock in Driver Profile Settings / Contact Customer Support
Battery optimization activated on the app No Yes Disable battery optimization on your app / Contact customer support

How to know your Model 3 is locked

Now that you know how to fix the problem, you might be wondering how you can tell that the block feature is working. After all, it would be pretty frustrating if you thought your car was stuck only to drive back to find it wasn't.

Here are a few ways you can know your Model 3 is locked up:

The side mirrors fold inward

One way to know that your Model 3 is locked up is to check the side mirrors. When you lock the car, the side mirrors automatically fold inwards.

However, if you find that the side mirrors are still in their normal position, your vehicle is not locked.

The exterior lights flash once

Another way to tell that your Model 3 is stuck is to check the exterior lights. When you lock your car, the lights will flash once as confirmation.

If the lights don't flash or stay on, that's a good indication that your vehicle is not locked. Of course, this method isn't foolproof. For example, the lights won't work if the battery is dead. However, in general, checking the exterior lights is a useful way to know if your Model 3 is stuck.

If you wish to find out further because the Tesla lights sometimes flash, take a look at this article dedicated to this topic. I also wrote some useful tips.

The doors are sealed shut

One sure way to know if your Model 3 is stuck is to try opening the doors. If the car is locked, the doors will be locked and you will not be able to open them.

However, if you can easily open any door, the car is not locked. So if you're ever in doubt, just give each door a shot and see what happens!


The Model 3 doesn't have a traditional key fob like other cars. Instead, use your smartphone and a key card as the primary way to unlock and lock your doors.

Pro Tip: If you should ever lose your key card, don't worry! You can still unlock and lock your car using the Tesla mobile app. Make sure your phone is fully charged and has a Bluetooth connection to your vehicle.

Either way, if you also wish to find out how to lock your Tesla while charging, check out this related post I wrote.

Did you know that?

The Model 3 walk-away door lock feature is just one of the many exciting features of owning a Tesla. Other features include:

  • Automatic windshield wipers
  • Mirrors with automatic dimming
  • LED fog lights
  • Rain sensitive wipers
  • Power lifter


According to Statista, the Model 3 is the most popular electric car. As of 2021, it was the top-selling EV, with a sales figure of 501.000.

This was 18% higher than the next competitor, Wuling HongGuang Mini EV, which recorded 424.000 sales.


You may still have some questions. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

Cos’è Walk Away Lock?

The walk-away lock is a feature that automatically locks the doors of your Tesla when you walk away. It also arms the alarm system and activates the immobiliser, preventing unauthorized access.

Does the Tesla Model 3 freeze?

The Tesla Model 3 locks itself if you enable the walk-away lock feature. However, if this feature is not enabled, you will need to lock the doors manually with your smartphone.

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