Tesla Model 3 Price List (MY 2019)

    Tesla Model 3 Price List (MY 2019)

    MY 2019 Starting from €41.490

    Data Sheet

    Make / ModelTesla Model 3
    Prices from: €41.490
    Approval: Zero emissions
    Number of seats: 5
    Average rating:

    the Model 3 on video

    Tesla Model 3 Price List (MY 2019)

    The complete test of Elon Musk's revolutionary electric sedan


    Driving pleasure The instantaneous delivery of power and torque make Model 3 a sports sedan in every respect. Seeing (acceleration…) is believing.

    Comfort The pleasure of being on board also comes from high comfort. The silence is almost total, but the absorption of the roughness of the road surface is also remarkable. On the Model 3 you travel by carriage.


    commands The central dashboard display allows you to manage all the on-board functions, but it takes a while to get in tune with the logic of the big brain Tesla and there are numerous menus to manage

    Which version to choose

    The basic version is the cheapest and already offers excellent performance and autonomy. The Long Range is the most balanced solution in terms of performance and mileage.

    Which color to choose

    A bodywork with such rounded shapes wears all colors well. Brighter in Ocean Blue or Red Micalised. More discreet in Metallic Gray or Black.

    The Model 3 is the smallest in the Tesla range, but its 4,69 meters in length comfortably fit 4 people. The bold design is formed by rounded lines and a pavilion that descends towards the tail. This is why there is a few centimeters missing from the head of the person sitting behind. On the other hand, the space for legs and feet is ample thanks to the flat floor. The finishes are of great quality and an overall "minimal" perception reigns where everything is managed via the 15" horizontal tablet in the center of the dashboard. All driving and infotainment updates arrive via the web thanks to the connection to the network. Good boot capacity of 542 litres.

    Tesla Model 3 Price List (MY 2019)

    Tesla Model 3 Price List (MY 2019)

    The Model 3 is available in rear-wheel drive with a single electric motor, or 4wd with two motors. Model 3 is a sedan that's fun to drive with the instantaneous power and torque delivery unique to EV engines. Performance is high right from the basic version with a peak of 225 km/h and a 0-100 km/h of 5,6 seconds for a range of 409 km. The Long Range reaches 233 km/h in 4,6 seconds on the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h with a range of 560 km. The Performance goes up to 261 km/h and 3,4 seconds from standstill to 100 km/h for a range of 530 km. Charging times of up to a minimum of half an hour from Tesla Supercharger columns. The batteries in the platform ensure excellent driveability without sacrificing the comfort offered by the correct calibration of the suspension. Everything is managed by electronics, including video games loaded into the car's software. In short, fun guaranteed by stationary and on the move.

    Tesla Model 3 Price List (MY 2019)

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