Tesla Model 3 and Y, is it better to buy in leasing or with financing? Here's an example

    Tesla Model 3 e Y, é melhor comprar em leasing ou com financiamento? Aqui está um exemplo

    For those who don't know what the lease, in fact it is a sort of vehicle loan in exchange for the payment of a sum of money. It provides for a rather high advance and all in all low monthly installments but it is not to be confused with the rental, where the fee also includes road tax, insurance, maintenance and so on.

    Also, unlike financing, with leasing you don't become the owner of the car until the payment has been completed, while with the loan, when you buy a car, you automatically become the owner of the asset with the commitment to repay the debt. With leasing, therefore, you can decide to interrupt the payment and return the car, which obviously cannot be done with financing.

    After this premise, let's see what is more convenient: buy a Tesla with leasing or with financing? Let's start with the first example, a Tesla Model 3 RWD in leasing (cost of 44.990 euros). The advance will be 9.196 euros, with a monthly installment for 48 months of 412 euros, and a maxi final installment of 18.089,92 euros. The annual mileage that can be covered will be 10 km, with a penalty of 0.25 euros for each additional kilometer travelled. Fixed TAN 3,95%, APR 4,05%.

    With the company Flex financing the same Model 3 will instead be paid with an advance of 6.100 euros, 48 ​​months of monthly installments of 398,85, plus another 48 of 586,53 euros, for a total of 96 months. Also in this case the fixed TAN will be 3,95%, and the APR of 4,05%.

    Let's see an example for one instead Model Y RWD which in the list is 46.990 euros in Spain. For the lease you need 13.600 euros in advance plus a monthly installment for 60 months of 318 euros, and a maxi final installment of 17.303,74 euros. Also in this case the mileage (10 thousand km), as well as the TAN and APR remain unchanged. With the Flex financing, however, you will need 6.100 euros in advance, 48 monthly installments of 418,95 euros, plus another 615,94 euros for a further 48 months.

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