Tesla launches Model 3 suspension recall

Tesla launches Model 3 suspension recall

This isn't the first time Tesla has had to deal with quality issues. Usually these are aesthetic defects, perhaps related to mismatches or painting issues. But now there may be a slightly more complicated matter to solve on Model 3s.

Some owners of the best-selling electric sedan in the world have in fact begun to hear some sinister squeaks coming from the front. A noise that made one think that something was broken or that some part was at risk that could have compromised the safety of the car. Fortunately this is not the case, but action will still need to be taken.

Do-it-yourself repair

Noise itself is still an annoying problem. Tesla is aware of this issue and has worked out a way to fix it. There is a very simple solution to do this.

As the Drive Tesla Canada tweet shows, with a photograph taken during the intervention of the Tesla Mobile Service, a urethane paste was used to cancel the squeak to be applied to the attachment of the upper suspension arm.

Official campaign

Until now, owners complaining of the defect had had to call Tesla directly and schedule repairs. Now it seems instead that the Palo Alto house has launched an official campaign and is contacting the owners in order to correct the defect. It is not the first to afflict the suspension: in the past it was the turn of the Model S and Model X.

Overseas, many have already received a message from Palo Alto regarding the upper control arm of the front suspension. It arrives directly on the Tesla app and already proposes a date and time for the appointment which, of course, Model 3 owners can change according to their needs. We also made a video about Tesla's "home mechanic" in the past.

In the communication, the manufacturer explains that calling the workshop will serve to protect the affected part from any water infiltration and thus prevent the annoying noise from being heard. Without spending a dollar.

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