Tesla horn sounds like a goat (or fart)

Tesla horn sounds like a goat (or fart)

Il Tesla horn it can sound like a goat, a snake, a sax, and even a fart. The new update released just in time for the end of the year uses the new mode “Boombox”, which allows you to change the sound of the horn. Now you can play “La Cucaracha”, clap and much more: you can even add up to five custom sounds through the USB port.

Boombox changes the horn of your Tesla

Car horns should only be used to signal dangers and ensure road safety. But we can't be moralistic with Tesla: all motorists in the world have at least once used the horn to greet acquaintances, celebrate a sporting victory or a wedding. Now all these events can be underlined with the howl of a goat or a very loud fart. Proving that the age of majority required to drive does not necessarily equate to the maturity to avoid performing farts. Indeed, judging by Elon Musk's tweet, it can be fan of honking horns and become one of the richest men in the world.

In addition to introducing farts through the horn, Tesla has decided to update the function as well Emissions Testing Mode. This feature allows users to make a variety of fart sounds various car seats, as well as using these sounds like acoustic indicator of directional arrows. Now you can also do it outwards, to show your irrepressible passion for gas gags even to the neighbors.

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