Professionally soundproof the Tesla Model 3: Matteo Valenza explains how to do it

    Profissionalmente Ă  prova de som do Tesla Model 3: Matteo Valenza explica como fazĂŞ-lo

    It is undeniable that the driving comfort offered by an electric car is second to none. The passenger compartment becomes quieter without the internal combustion engine, but there is nothing noisier than silence. With an EV car you will pay more attention to less noticeable noises, but with professional soundproofing you can improve the situation.

    In this regard, our friend Matteo Valenza helps us, who in his latest video shows us firsthand what needs to be done to reduce the noise inside the car, which most of the time are due to a not too painstaking assembly or to the use of little sound-absorbing material, perhaps even of low quality as in the case of Tesla Model 3.

    To improve the situation Matteo relied on the Audiogamma Hi-Fi specialist who, after a careful assessment of the origin and intensity of the noises in the passenger compartment, took action inserting sound-absorbing panels in butyl and aluminum in strategic points, available in different qualities: noise reduction is ensured but what changes is the weight and thickness of each individual panel.

    If you are curious to find out what are the neuralgic points of the Tesla Model 3, we invite you to watch the video, instead here we report the results found before and after the treatment. So is there a difference? Well, before entering the workshop, at 50 km/h on normal asphalt, the noise perceived inside the passenger compartment was 95 db, while on potholes it was 103 db. After the treatment 93 db and 98 db respectively.

    Measurement at 100 km/h reported 100 db on asphalt and 108 db on holes, which later became 97 db and 103 db. Going up in speed again, at 130 km/h, 106 db and 115 db became 104 db and 110 db. Matteo also carried out the test during an acceleration from 50 to 130 km/h, and in this situation the noise went from 110 db to 107 db.

    Exceptional results, which refer to a medium-range treatment. The company to which Matteo has entrusted in fact proposes three action plans, with a price ranging from 200 to 650 euros. The one in question costs 400 euros, and in addition to decreasing the perceived noise, it makes the sounds much more muffled, especially on holes.

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