Used Tesla Model 3: price, problems, what to watch out for

Used Tesla Model 3: price, problems, what to watch out for

Would you like to own an electric car and are you seriously considering buying one? Then you will surely consider the Tesla brand. Which doesn't mean buying one, in fact, le Elon Musk's American electric cars, not everyone likes them and they aren't cheap, but they still remain the progenitors of the e segment dictate the rules of marketing.

Be careful though, especially in this particular period for new cars, it could benefit future Teslari who they are unwilling or unable to spend the 58.000 euros for a new Tesla Model 3, or still don't want to wait an infinite time, it is better to go to the used market where hundreds of used cars are arriving. Also, this number always greater it is destined to grow, which will create numerous effects on the quotations.

With this article we want to show you a quick buying guide on how much does the used Tesla Model 3 cost, what kind of guarantee these cars have, where you can see the residual value of these Second hand Teslas and where you can buy take one home, obviously after you figure out what to look at.

Used Tesla Model 3: official prices

We are talking about used Tesla cars available in the official used section of the American company, with the relative transfer of ownership made through Tesla. What is all this for? Tesla gives a warranty of 1 year or an additional 20.000 km that it is possible to start from the year of expiry of the 4-year or 80.000 km original warranty. This means that if one buys a three-year-old used Tesla Model 3, one will get one 2-year warranty, i.e. 1 remaining year to which 1 extra year must be added.

It remains in any case, as written and designed by Tesla, the of 8 years warranty for the battery, or i 160.000 or 192.00km for versions of Tesla Model 3 used Long Range and Performance, which is activated only if the charge capacity drops below 70%.

However, if one compares them with the few cars present outside the official used car circuit, one will notice that the prices of used Tesla cars are slightly higher than the Used Tesla Model 3 sold by dealers and private individuals. This happens because the used Tesla Model 3s sold by the parent company have a specific overhaul and refurbishment work to make customers sleep peacefully. new buyers that in all cases they will be able to take a used Model 3 home without having to check everything, but having to worry about choosing the used Tesla Model 3 model they prefer.

At the time of publishing, there are just under 100 on the Tesla pre-owned page Used Tesla Model 3 produced from 2019 to 2021 and sold with a one-year guarantee with km ranging from just under 20.000 to over 120.000 km, with prices ranging from minimum of 40.900 euros to a maximum of 68.000 euros. But let's look at the offer model by model.

Purchasing a used Model 3 with official Tesla warranty it can be done online, just deposit a deposit, which unlike other cars is non-refundable, paying by credit card, as explained on the support page. The delivery times for used cars, on the other hand, since they are physically present in Tesla Service Centers throughout Spain, are approximately two weeks, the time for a cleaning and the necessary checks. The addresses of Service Center Tesla present are innumerable and scattered throughout Spain. In fact, there are Bologna, Bolzano, Brescia, Caserta, Florence, Padua, Peschiera Borromeo (MI), Rome and Turin.

Mind-boggling quotes for used Tesla Model 3s

Speaking of one Tesla Model 3 Standard Range Plus, i.e. the rear-wheel drive one with a 58 kWh and an autonomy of 409 km, with power ranging between 306 and 325 hp. The average price of used cars is 48.000 euros, almost identical to the 48.500 euros of the price at which it could be bought in a Tesla dealership in 2019. From this it can easily be understood that the residual value after 3 years is almost identical, showing how there has been a surge in inflation on the new price list: today the prices start from 57.490 euros. The mileages range from a minimum of 12.000 to a maximum of 81.000 km.

La Tesla Model 3 usta Long Range rear-wheel drive is instead the rarest to find and at the moment there is only one on sale in the Tesla Stores for 41.900 euros. The much more widespread Model 3 Long Range with all-wheel drive has an average used price (again on the Tesla website) of 51.600 euros. Also in this case the residual value after 3 years, compared to 54.500 euros in 2019, is very high: 94,6%. Distances vary from a minimum of 40.000 km to a maximum of 131.000 km, with the models with the least kilometers at the top of the quotations.

Speaking then of the most powerful Tesla Model 3 Performance which has 510 HP and 530 km of autonomy is offered used by Tesla at an average price of 63.050 euros. A figure even higher than the 60.990 euros when it was sold in 2019. In this case the distances fluctuate between 18.000 and 107.000 km, but don't worry, given the increase in the Tesla Model 3 these numbers are destined to vary in a very short time.

Better a used Tesla Model 3: dealer or private?

What we show you are the American cars present in Tesla Stores, but often there are other Teslas present in generic dealerships that are exchanged for other brands in other dealerships, redeemed, sold by rental / leasing companies or sold privately, in this case, However, problems may arise relating to maintenance and the lack of checks that Tesla carries out during delivery. To date, sites specialized in the sale and purchase of used cars offer used Tesla Model 3s from 2019 and 2020, just look at AutoScout24 currently has more than 180 for sale in Spain, with prices that they range between 37.000 and 66.000 euros.

As often happens in these cases, private individuals offer the lowest prices, but do not want and cannot offer any type of additional guarantee, which traders and resellers do, however, who are required by law to offer a 1-year guarantee.

What to look out for in a used Tesla Model 3

In a used Tesla it is always important check a few, but simple things: the first is the status and alignment of doors and body panels, factors that cause some problems already on the new Tesla Model 3. Another thing to check and see are the synthetic leather interior which may show signs of wear, so, in the versions where available, the sunroof to discover the presence of any water infiltrations. Last, but not least, just like smartphones, better make a center console black panel check which on models manufactured before 2021 was prone to possible scratches and cracks.

Is it worth getting a used Tesla Model 3?

From what emerges in these lines it is clear that the Used Tesla Model 3s have particularly high prices. Blame"? Undoubtedly the success of the model and the increase in the list prices of the new one, despite the fact that other Teslas cost less, see the Model Y. For this reason they don't seem to be very convenient if one thinks that one could get a new one, however it is still true that it is not easy to say no to a must-have like the Tesla Model 3, on the other hand we prefer refurbished ones to new ones for some smartphones.

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