Android Auto lands on Tesla: download the application here

    Android Auto aterra na Tesla: descarrega a aplicação aqui


    Android Auto lands “officially” on Tesla. The quotation marks are necessary: ​​in reality it is not a one hundred percent "official" solution, given that the app we are about to present to you was developed by a private user, such Emil Borconi, already known for the project AAWireless.

    The app in question is called Tesla, where the two final “A”s stand for “Android Auto“. Yes, because the essential function of TeslAA is to bring Android Auto to the electric vehicles of the US company that adopt their own infotainment system based on Linux.

    It is a customized system and better integrated with the physical components of the car, which however made more than a few users regret the Android interface a little.

    Until now, at least: thanks to TeslAA, in fact, it will be possible to replicate the Android Auto user experience even on this series of cutting-edge cars.

    The TeslAA app has been released and made available to everyone after a long period of test. To use it, just download from Google Play, wait for the installation and – at the first start – connect it with the car via Bluetooth. Subsequently, it is necessary to connect the Wi-Fi to the smartphone hotspot and type in the Tesla browser ““. Once done, you should be redirected to the Android Auto home screen.

    As regards the operation, TeslAA streams the Android Auto interface from your smartphone to your car display using a VPN. As mentioned, TeslAA is available on Google Play at a cost of 4,99 €. The app isn't perfect yet, and for the first time it will be necessary to learn to deal with some small bugs. The major one consists in disconnecting the car when the phone loses the signal and does not regain it for a long time; in any case, all bugs should be fixed starting with the next update.

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