A stolen image anticipates the new Tesla Model 3: will this be its look?

    Uma imagem roubada antecipa o novo Tesla Model 3: será este o seu visual?

    There is increasing talk of the hypothetical Tesla Model 2, which is the most compact model of the brand, which should appear on the market with a price of around 20-25 thousand dollars, effectively becoming a solution almost within everyone's reach. In Tesla's future, however, there is also a restyling of the Model 3 and this image could anticipate it.

    The "stolen" image appeared on Reddit, in a conversation dedicated to the Tesla world, but since it is not official material, it is mandatory to specify that everything must be taken with a grain of salt, but at the same time it must be admitted that the image does not look like the fruit at all of digital processing, but a real shot, of an unpublished model that was to remain hidden by the cloth that was raised.

    The form factor of the car is clearly attributable to the Model 3 we know, and although we only see the front view of the same, it showcases several new features. First of all we note a more aggressive and sharper design thanks to the new optical group which becomes thinner and similar to what was seen on the Tesla Roadster.

    And speaking of new models for the Palo Alto house, we remind you that in addition to the compact, a Tesla branded van could also arrive.

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