Everything we know about the Tesla Model 3 facelift

Everything we know about the Tesla Model 3 facelift

In the coming months, the Model 3 will undergo an important update, which will allow it to keep up with the times and to be even more attractive to many potential new customers.

What will the “Highland Project” look like

The Model 3 makeover it has the code name "Highland Project" and, thanks to the first information gathered in recent months, we were able to imagine the definitive appearance of the model.

In particular, ours yield highlights the new front, which will be one of the main elements of break with the "old" Model 3. The sedan will be able to count on an even more aerodynamic look and new LED matrix headlights, as well as integrating a front camera.

Everything we know about the Tesla Model 3 facelift

Tesla Model 3 restyling (2023), Pistonudos.com.com render

Speaking of video cameras, two more will be added to the sides with a resolution of 5 megapixels to collect images and data to be sent to the "brain" of the car and therefore manage the driver assistance systems.

These new ones cameras they will monitor the forward section of the vehicle (for better 'seeing' at intersections) and will add to those looking towards the rear and which are also linked to the Sentry mode, which records any suspicious activity around the car.

Returning to talk about aesthetic changes, these should also concern the rear, where new LED lights are expected, while new styles for the alloy wheels could debut.

The new interior

According to the first rumors, the interior Model 3 restyling will not undergo radical changes as happened in the facelift of the Model S. A slightly different dashboard is expected, with new plastic or fabric moldings that will replace the wooden ones to give the Tesla a more modern look and simplify the assembly process without however changing the sensation of the perceived quality.

Everything we know about the Tesla Model 3 facelift

The interior of the restyling Tesla Model 3 will not undergo major changes

Engines, range and prices

The goal of optimizing production processes as much as possible should push Tesla to confirm i powertrain current. In the Model 3 price list there should always be room for the version with single rear engine and for the more powerful ones with double engine and all-wheel drive.

The entry level Model 3 should always have around 500 km of autonomy, while the Long Range will exceed 600 km (also thanks to the aerodynamic improvements of the bodywork). Finally, the most powerful of all, the Performance, could have an estimated range of 550-570 km.

Il price the list price could grow slightly compared to the current approximately 40.000 euros needed to put a Model 3 RWD in the garage for immediate delivery. The figure, however, shouldn't be much different, given that the brand's idea is to focus above all on sales volumes.

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