Who Really Founded Tesla Motors? And no, it wasn't Elon Musk

    Quem realmente fundou a Tesla Motors? E não, não foi Elon Musk

    Today Tesla is one of the best-known automotive companies in the world, also thanks to the inspiration and character of its current CEO Elon Musk who according to many would also be the founder of the company - yet it is not quite so.

    Established on July 1, 2003 as Tesla Motors Inc., the Californian company owes itself to an intuition of Martin Eberhard e Marc Tarpenning, who were CEO and CFO, respectively, at the time. Eberhard dreamed of building an automaker that was also a technology company, capable of developing and producing its own batteries, on-board software and engines, so the Tesla we know today is exactly the company its founder wanted.

    A few months after the creation of the company, Ian Wright also joined the duo, but only in February 2004 was popped up the name of Elon Musk: the South African-born tycoon had just made money 100 million dollars from the sale of Paypal, this is how he decided to invest 6,5 in Tesla Motors Inc., which in a first round of "fundraising" had brought home 7,5 million dollars.

    Even if it was not Elon Musk himself who designed Tesla, it can still be said that without his intuition and his money Californian society would hardly have become what it is today, most likely it would have remained just a dream. Having become the main shareholder of the company, Elon Musk thus obtained the role of President - leading the company to create its first car, the Tesla Roadster, from 2005 to 2009. To find out more about this incredible car, we leave you with our special Brief history of the Tesla Roadster.

    What happened after the first Roadster is known history, we have in sequence the launch of the Model S, the Model X, the Model 3 and finally the Model Y. Now we just have to wait for the actual production of the Tesla Cybertruck and the compact car from $25.000 currently in development only. There would also be one on the list second Tesla Roadster which has now become a legendWe don't know if we'll ever see her...

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