The ugliest cars in history

The ugliest cars in history

Welcome to our article about the ugliest cars in history. In this text, we will explore, both globally and in Spain, some of the vehicles that have been considered the most unfortunate in terms of design. Through different sources such as specialized magazines, newspapers and websites, we compile information to offer you a complete view of these cars that, although not aesthetically pleasing, have left a mark on the automotive industry.

1. The AMC Pacer

We start our list with the AMC Pacer, an American car that was produced between the years 1975 and 1980. Its peculiar design, with a bubble shape and huge side windows, made it the object of ridicule and criticism. Despite its unconventional appearance, the Pacer was a bestseller in its first year, but its popularity quickly waned.

2. The Fiat Multipla

We continue with the Fiat Multipla, an Italian minivan that was manufactured between 1998 and 2010. Its asymmetrical and unconventional design, with separate headlights and an unattractive shape, made it one of the ugliest cars in history. Despite its appearance, the Multipla was praised for its functionality and interior space.

3. The Trabant

Another car that deserves a place on our list is the Trabant, a German-made vehicle that was produced in the German Democratic Republic between 1957 and 1991. Its dated and unattractive design, along with its construction from low-quality materials, made it a symbol of the communist era in East Germany.

4. The Seat 133

In Spain, one of the ugliest cars in history is the Seat 133. This car was produced between 1974 and 1981 and was considered a smaller and less attractive version of the Seat 850. Although it was popular at the time due to its low Cost, unattractive design and lack of innovation made it an undesirable vehicle.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the ugliest car of all time?

Although the perception of beauty is subjective, many consider the AMC Pacer to be one of the ugliest cars of all time due to its unconventional and unattractive design.

2. Are there ugly but successful cars in sales?

Yes, the Fiat Multipla is an example of an ugly but successful car in sales. Despite its unconventional design, the Multipla was praised for its functionality and interior space, making it a popular choice for many families.


Throughout the history of the automotive industry, we have seen a variety of cars that could be considered the ugliest. From the AMC Pacer in the United States to the Trabant in Germany and the Seat 133 in Spain, these vehicles have left a mark in the memories of automotive enthusiasts. Although their design is not attractive, it is important to recognize that each of them has contributed in some way to the development and evolution of the industry. What is your favorite ugliest car?

We hope you enjoyed this tour of the ugliest cars in history. If you are interested in continuing to discover more about the automotive world, do not hesitate to visit our website, where you will find exclusive content and updated news. Until next time!

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