The Lancia Stratos Zero: An iconic concept car from the 70s

The Lancia Stratos Zero: An iconic concept car from the 70s

Welcome to, where you will find all the information you need about the fascinating world of automobiles. On this occasion, we will delve into the history of the Lancia Stratos Zero, a prototype car that has left an indelible mark on the automotive industry. Join us on this trip to the past and discover all the details about this unique vehicle.

1. The Lancia Stratos Zero: A revolutionary design

The Lancia Stratos Zero, introduced in 1970, is considered one of the most beautiful and lowest cars in the world. Its futuristic and avant-garde design broke with the standards established at the time, becoming a true icon of automotive design. Its aerodynamic bodywork and wedge-shaped roof give it a unique and striking appearance.

1.1. design details

The Lancia Stratos Zero has numerous design details that make it stand out. Its body is made of fiberglass, which allows it to be extremely light and resistant. In addition, its silver paint and retractable headlights give it a touch of elegance and sophistication. Without a doubt, this concept car is a true work of art on wheels.

1.2. Influence on the automotive industry

The revolutionary design of the Lancia Stratos Zero not only shocked car enthusiasts, but also left a mark on the automotive industry in general. Many manufacturers were inspired by its aesthetic and adopted similar design elements into their own models. Even today, we can see the influence of the Stratos Zero in some modern cars.

2. The history of the Lancia Stratos Zero

The history of the Lancia Stratos Zero is as fascinating as its design. This concept car was created by Italian designer Marcello Gandini, who was working for the famous Bertone design firm at the time. Gandini set out to create a car radically different from anything that had been seen before, and the result was the Stratos Zero.

2.1. Presentation at the Turin Motor Show

The Lancia Stratos Zero was first presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1970. Its striking design and innovative technology captured the attention of all those attending the event. Audiences were wowed by its futuristic appearance and outstanding performance.

2.2. limited production

Despite the great reception that the Lancia Stratos Zero had, unfortunately it was never mass produced. Only a single prototype was made, which is currently in the Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile in Turin, Italy. However, his legacy lives on and is still admired by lovers of classic cars.

3. Updated and modified versions

The Lancia Stratos Zero has been the subject of numerous updated and modified versions over the years. Many enthusiasts have wanted to pay homage to this iconic prototype car, creating replicas or improved versions that retain its original essence.

3.1. exact replicas

Some car enthusiasts have invested time and resources in creating exact replicas of the Lancia Stratos Zero. These replicas are faithful to the original design and seek to capture the essence of the prototype car from the 70s. Although they are not original vehicles, they allow classic car lovers to enjoy the experience of driving a Stratos Zero.

3.2. improved versions

Other enthusiasts have taken the Lancia Stratos Zero concept a step further, creating improved and modified versions of the original concept car. These versions usually incorporate more modern technology and materials, improving the performance and efficiency of the vehicle. However, it is always sought to maintain the essence and characteristic style of the Stratos Zero.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the price of an original Lancia Stratos Zero?

Because only a single prototype of the Lancia Stratos Zero was built, there is no set price for this vehicle on the market. However, its historical value and its exclusivity make it a highly coveted piece by collectors. Should an original Stratos Zero go on sale, its price would be extremely high.

Are there plans to relaunch the Lancia Stratos Zero?

So far, no official plans to relaunch the Lancia Stratos Zero have been announced. However, its legacy lives on thanks to replicas and updated versions that have been created by enthusiasts and independent manufacturers. These recreations keep the essence of the Stratos Zero alive and allow car lovers to enjoy its iconic design.


The Lancia Stratos Zero is a concept car that has left an indelible mark on automotive history. Its revolutionary design and its influence on the automotive industry make it a unique and special vehicle. Although it was never mass-produced, its legacy lives on through replicas and updated versions that keep its essence alive. If you are passionate about the car, you cannot stop learning more about the fascinating Lancia Stratos Zero.

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