How to add physical keys to Teslas with a bluetooth bar: the idea on Indiegogo

    Como adicionar chaves físicas a Teslas com uma barra bluetooth: a ideia no Indiegogo

    With the release of the Model 3 and Model Y, Tesla reaffirmed its philosophy of "less is more", effectively stripping the passenger compartment of various buttons and controls and delegating almost every action to the central screen. Many users liked this but many others were disappointed, but now there is a way to add physical buttons.

    You need a third-party device that is currently chasing funds on Indiegogo. Is called Ctrl-Bar and in essence it is a bar of excellent workmanship, with particularly elegant lines, which hooks to the lower part of the central screen of the Tesla Model 3 or Model Y.

    The bar features basically four programmable buttons and two knobs for temperature change. Customizable buttons let you create shortcuts for heated seats, Defrost Mode, Dog Mode, Homelink, trunk opening, frunk and charging port, and more. Below the bar there is also a striking LED strip which Adds ambient lighting to the car.

    But how does the Ctrl-Bar work? It connects to the car via the tecnologia Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and is powered by a normal USB port. To make it work, it is necessary for our phone to run the bar app in the background, which in fact allows the dialogue between the buttons and the Tesla APIs. The Ctrl-Bar is priced at 239 euros with Early Bird discount, once on the market it should cost the beauty of 329 euros. At the moment the project is in the prototype stage, after all 30% of the target is still missing, the first deliveries are still estimated for June 2023. Do you like the idea?

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