Find out where your Tesla was made

Find out where your Tesla was made

Some Tesla sold in Europe still come from China, others are produced in Germany. And then there are the flagships, which come from America. But how do you know where a certain specimen was produced? Easy, just know how to interpret the VIN Code which identifies each car produced by the House.

This gets very interesting especially when it comes to Model Y, a model that is produced in 4 factories around the world. But let's see the VIN Code which information it reports.

The Gigafactory of origin

The first three alphanumeric characters identify the abbreviation reserved for the manufacturer. But beyond that, there's other interesting information. Let's see them in order of importance.

La 11 figure indicates the manufacturing plant. There are the American factories, with A standing for Austin (Texas), F for Fremont (California) and N for Reno (Nevada), the latter reserved for the Tesla Semi. And then there's B for Berlin (Germany) and C for Shanghai (China).

La 10 figure, instead, indicates the model year.

  • N: model year 2022
  • P: model year 2023
Find out where your Tesla was made

Powertrain information

Number 8 of the VIN code indicates the type of propulsion scheme adopted by the various models.

  • 5 = Model S o Model X P2 Dual Motor
  • 6 = Model S o Model X P2 Tri Motor
  • A = Model 3 Single Motor – Standard / Performance
  • B = Model 3 Dual Motor – Standard
  • C = Model 3 Dual Motor – Performance
  • D = Model Y Single Motor – Standard / Performance
  • E = Model Y Dual Motor – Standard
  • F = Model Y Dual Motor – Performance

Of course, more letters will be introduced in the future. For example, linked to the arrival of the Cybertruck, whose production will start in a few months, or to the opening of the Gigafactory Messico, from which, among other things, the new generation Teslas will come out.

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