Can Tesla's emergency braking save a cat? The Model 3 against the Volvo V90

    A frenagem de emergência da Tesla pode salvar um gato? O Model 3 contra o Volvo V90

    When it comes to safety, Teslas are always at the forefront, as they are equipped with the most advanced active safety systems available right now. But a Tesla Model 3 is capable of detecting a cat with the emergency brake?

    They were used for the test a Tesla Model 3 and a Volvo V90, which have emergency braking with pedestrian and cyclist recognition which should also work perfectly between 32 and 48 km/h. Well with both cars the braking took place perfectly with a fake inflatable car, with the Tesla which stopped a little before the Volvo and in a more delicate way, while the Swedish car tightened the driver's seat belt to further protect it.

    So test passed. It went just as well with Elon Musk's hardcover, problems began with soft toys of different animals. A small kangaroo was magnificently saved by the Tesla, which recognized it as a pedestrian, while the Volvo ran over it without appeal. With the silhouettes of a dog and a cat both cars failed to detect the obstacle, therefore on both models (which share their technologies with other Tesla and Volvo models) work still needs to be done.

    Speaking of Tesla, we recently tested Elon Musk's new crossover – here are our five reasons to buy a Tesla Model Y.

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