How much does it cost to insure a Tesla?

How much does Tesla insurance cost? Taking into account that the current models have prices from 48000 to 120000 euros, one can think that the insurance is quite expensive: doing a little research, we will see that in many cases the figures involved are surprisingly small.

How much does it cost to insure a Tesla?

Let's start with the compulsory RCA: this is much more linked to the driver's "rating" than to the value of the vehicle, and can vary widely according to age, class of merit and area of ​​residence. Trying to make online estimates with the main insurance companies, you get a figure between 300 and 700 euros. In the specific case of my profile (resident in northern Spain, 34 years old, merit class 1), the figure is around 400 euros, calculated with a Tesla Model 3 Performance (the figure should be more or less the same for Model S and Model X, provided the driver profile is similar).

No insurer was able to provide an online quote for theft, fire and other policies, so I contacted Quixa directly - the insurance company recommended by Tesla, with which it offers the "InsureMyTesla" agreement (info https://www.quixa. it/convention-insuremytesla).

Driver injuries: 20 €

Legal protection: 20 €

Fire: 80 €

Theft: 200 €

natural events: 40 €

Cristalli: 50 €

Vandalism: 45 €

Collision (mini-kasko) : 100 €

In total, including the RCA, we are around 950 euros, a really low figure taking into account that we are talking about a car costing 70000 euros, and that a mini-kasko is also included, i.e. the "Collision" policy which also covers own vehicle, even in the event of an accident with negligence.

For comparison, this figure is roughly equivalent to what I spent on a petrol car (Audi S5 V8 from 2009) with an enormously lower value, we are talking about 18000 euros insured with theft/fire given that in nine years the car had heavily devalued.

For a new petrol car, worth 40000 euros (Audi A5), I had come to spend a good 2000 euros: even if these figures are based on my specific driver profile, they help to compare costs.

Teslas are very safe and technological cars, and they are particularly difficult to steal because to use all their functions it is necessary to use the built-in GPS and the internet connection, which would allow the car to be easily traced in case of theft: this allows you to have a particularly low insurance.

In conclusion, when buying a Tesla you don't have to worry about "astronomical" insurance figures, which on the contrary are much lower than for a petrol car of the same range.

If you want to have an exact estimate based on your profile, even before buying the car, I recommend you contact Quixa directly specifying the model you are interested in and your data, so that you can know the exact figure and make the necessary assessments .

The geographical variant: from north to south the price can triple

The figures quoted in this article are calculated on the profile of a resident in northern Spain. Unfortunately, the area of ​​residence changes the figures enormously: insurance companies consider central and southern Spain to be more "at risk", and for those residing in these areas the overall figure can even triple the numbers quoted on this page.

Even if the argument that Tesla insurance is still less expensive than a petrol car of the same price remains valid, I advise you to ask for a quote so you know the exact amount you will have to pay. Personally, I chose this insurance to make a quote because it is the one affiliated with Tesla, and therefore it can be expected that I have a good knowledge of these cars. Obviously, if you have time, it's worth contacting multiple insurance companies to find the cheapest quote!

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