Here's how long a Tesla Model X's battery actually lasts

Veja quanto tempo uma bateria do Tesla Model X realmente dura

Autonomy depending on the vintage

The battery life of Tesla Model X is over 500.000 km.

How does the battery in a Tesla Model X perform after high mileage?

The answer comes from Tesloop, a company that rents electric vehicles that has disclosed the data of a Tesla Model X which has traveled approximately more than 500.000 km. The model in question had lost the 23% of its autonomy, which with such mileage is all in all an acceptable figure.

At this point there is another consideration. Obviously to travel 500.000 km it takes time, so models with such a large mileage are assumed to be dated around 2016. We can assume that the models on the market today certainly offer better performance.

According to Tesla, Model X should retain at least 90 percent battery capacity after 300.000 km. Last but not least, the current warranty covers the Model X battery if it degrades more than 30% in the first 8 years or with less than 250.000 km.


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