Voice commands

Comandos de voz
CategoryCommandTechnical InformationData test
Air ConditioningSet the temperature to "xx"Set the required temperature26/02/2020
Air ConditioningSet X degrees X stands for desired degrees soft also accepts comma.26/02/2020
Air ConditioningBrothDiminuisce la temperature at 1,5 degrees Celsius25/02/2020
Air ConditioningColdRaises the temperature by 1,5 degrees Celsius25/02/2020
Air ConditioningMy wife is coldRaises the temperature by 1,5 degrees Celsius25/02/2020
Air ConditioningMy father is hotDiminuisce la temperature at 1,5 degrees Celsius25/02/2020
Air ConditioningLower the temperatureAbbassa la temperature at 1,5 degrees Celsius22/02/2020
Air ConditioningTurn up the temperatureRaise the temperature by 1,5 degrees Celsius22/02/2020
Air ConditioningTurn off ventilationimmediately closes everything and switches off the climate control system20/02/2020
Air ConditioningFlying heating Activate the steering wheel heating element (optional for certain models)19/02/2020
Air ConditioningSeat heatingActivate front seat heating07/01/2020
Air ConditioningTurn off seat heatingTurn off the heating of the front feelers07/01/2020
Air ConditioningTurn off the air conditionerTurn off the air conditioner08/03/2020
Air ConditioningIncrease / decrease fan speedIncrease / decrease fan speed by 408/03/2020
Air ConditioningTurn on the seat heating level XTurns ALL seats on to the required level X08/03/2020
Air ConditioningSwitch on level X front seat heatingTurns on the front seats to the required level X08/03/2020
Air ConditioningI get too much airDivert the airflow away from your body09/09/2021
Air ConditioningActivate air recirculationActivate the air recirculation25/11/2021
Air ConditioningDeactivate air recirculationTurn off the air recirculation25/11/2021
ConfigurationOpen the glove boxThe glove box opens (Model 3)26/02/2020
ConfigurationOpen driving settingsOpens the driving settings25/02/2020
ConfigurationOpen cameraShow rear view camera25/02/2020
ConfigurationTurn off/on the courtesy lightsAttention: this command only turns off or on, but disables the function: automatic.20/02/2020
ConfigurationFlying ruleOpen window for steering wheel07/01/2020
ConfigurationAdjust mirrorsOpens window for mirrors07/01/2020
ConfigurationOpen mirrorsOpen the mirrors07/01/2020
ConfigurationClose mirrorsClose the mirrors07/01/2020
ConfigurationWipersActivate the wipers at speed 207/01/2020
ConfigurationTurn off the windshield wipersTurn off the windshield wipers07/01/2020
ConfigurationTurn on the wiper at level XTurns on the windscreen wiper (x corresponds to the level)08/03/2020
ConfigurationOpen/close shortcutsOpens or closes the quick control panel08/03/2020
ConfigurationCalendarShow calendar10/03/2020
ConfigurationRecentShows the recent calls page10/03/2020
ConfigurationList voice commandsOpens browser to voice command support page25/11/2021
ConfigurationTurn on the courtesy lightsTurns on the internal courtesy lights30/12/2021
MultimediaApril/Chiudi BrowserOpen/Close the internet browser26/02/2020
MultimediaPlay music by xxxx/play xxxx/play music (genre x)Plays songs by author xxxxx/ plays song xxxx/ plays music of genre xxx26/02/2020
MultimediaCall "name" / call "number"Call xxxx from your address book / call number xxxxx26/02/2020
MultimediaSpotify + "song or band"Call up the required song or group list directly26/01/2020
MultimediaListen to "song/author"Activate Spotify and play the song by the requested author (for example: Listen to Stravinsky)19/02/2020
MultimediaStop the musicStop the music07/01/2020
MultimediaNextNext station or track07/01/2020
NavigationChange map viewSwitch from road to satellite or vice versa20/02/2020
NavigationGo to a SuperchargerShows the closest ones to choose from20/02/2020
NavigationGo to a Destination ChargerShows the closest ones to choose from20/02/2020
NavigationGo to a "point of interest"It is. pharmacy, hypermarket, etc.20/02/2020
NavigationGo to a charging stationit also indicates NOT TESLA, interesting but still partial.20/02/2020
NavigationNavigate workActivate navigation to the destination indicated as work19/02/2020
Navigationsatellite viewActivate satellite view07/01/2020
NavigationTrafficTurn on traffic view07/01/2020
NavigationSail HomeActivate navigation to "home"07/01/2020
NavigationCancelCancel navigation in progress07/01/2020
NavigationZoom out mapZoom out the map29/10/2020
NavigationEnlarge mapNavigation map zoom29/10/2020
rechargeOpen top upOpens charging flap07/01/2020
rechargeClose top upCloses charging flap07/01/2020
rechargeEnergyIf a destination is set, it shows you the consumption page10/03/2020
rechargeBatteryShow the charging page with remaining battery in green (like charging) - (sometimes it doesn't work)10/03/2020

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