Car Coupon: Here's the Definitive Guide (2020)

Car Coupon: Here's the Definitive Guide (2020)

What is couponing and why do it?

Couponing, also called "scheduled maintenance," is nothing more than a routine check to verify that your vehicle's mechanical and electronic components are in normal condition.

While not mandatory, it is advisable to do so to keep the manufacturer's warranty valid, allow for safe driving, and preserve the value of the vehicle for future sale.

How often should the coupon be done?

In general, the first coupon should be done after 15,000 km / after 1 year and the second after 30,000 km / after 2 years.

The precise answer can be found in the "Use and maintenance booklet" of your car or motorbike.

For more information on when to do the first coupon, we recommend that you read the article where we specifically discuss after how many kilometres you do the first car coupon.

How much does the coupon cost?

The price of the coupon depends on many variables: make and model of the car, city of residence, age and miles driven, components to be replaced and, last but not least, where you choose to have the coupon done.

In general, it ranges between 100 and 600 euros! An independent workshop, as long as it is certified, can save a lot of money on both the cost per hour and components.

It is not limited to the use of new components, but can, with the owner's consent, use parts from unofficial, used or reconditioned manufacturers.

What changes if the car or motorcycle is purchased used?

A used car or motorcycle sold by a dealer is always covered by a 24-month warranty, which can be reduced to 12 months only with your express consent, so the same rules apply as for new cars.

If the car or motorcycle is purchased used by a private individual, it is strongly recommended to immediately make a coupon to a trusted mechanic to assess the actual condition of the vehicle.

What happens if I skip the coupon?

Failure to make the coupon implies the possible loss of the warranty of the parent company, in case of damage you will have to pay everything out of your own pocket.

Beyond this "bureaucratic" motivation, the coupon is essential to identify possible defects that, harmless and easy to repair today, could cause serious and costly damage to the vehicle in the future.

Is it true that I can only coupon from the official network?

No way! This scam/bug is often repeated by many dealers who, gaining both maintenance and sales, do not want to lose customers. Thanks to the Monti Decree everyone is free to choose where to make the coupon, saving a lot of money if you choose an independent mechanic, without problems with the guarantee of the parent company.

However, the garage that makes the coupon must be qualified, give a report of the work done and use new components or of comparable quality.

What is the Monti Decree?

European Community Regulation 1400/2002, reinforced by EU Regulation 461/2010, also known as the Monti Decree (named after the then European Commissioner Mario Monti), protects the consumer by guaranteeing the validity of the warranty even after couponing outside the official network.

In practice, vehicle manufacturers must share with independent garages the same information, repair manuals, diagnostic systems and training courses that they reserve for authorised garages in their network.

In this way, independent garages can repair the latest cars and compete with authorised garages, offering more choice and lower prices to the consumer.

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