Transferring ownership of a car in common: this is how it's done!

Transferring ownership of a car in common: this is how it's done!

What is a joint transfer of ownership of an automobile?

Joint transfer of ownership is nothing more than the official transfer of ownership of a vehicle from one person to another. One or both persons involved may also be legal persons if the ownership is a company or an entity.

Usually after the purchase and sale the buyer and seller carry out the practical transfer of ownership at an automobile practice agency or at an ACI office. This way involves an increase in costs but is more convenient for the less experienced. Despite this, it is always possible to carry out the transfer of ownership jointly and save on paperwork costs.

What is the cost of joint transfer of car ownership?

Joint transfer of car ownership is probably the cheapest option to make the transfer of a vehicle official because you don't have to pay a third party, agency or ACI. However, you still have to pay the transfer of ownership, the amount of which is always variable depending on the vehicle and the region of residence. In another article we have already discussed how to calculate the cost of the transfer of ownership.

When making the change of ownership in common, the only cost that is added to the change of ownership itself is the cost of signature authentication. Signature authentication at the municipal office has a fixed cost of 0.52 euros to which a revenue stamp of 16 euros has to be added. However, to authenticate the signatures in the municipality, it is necessary to have the Certificate of Ownership in paper format and not the new digital one.

What documents are needed for the transfer of joint ownership of a car?

To carry out the joint transfer of ownership we need the following documents:

  • Certificate of ownership of the vehicle (in paper format if you are carrying out the joint transfer of ownership).
  • Original registration certificate and a photocopy of it.
  • Identity card and tax code of the seller and the buyer + 2 photocopies of each one
  • Form TT2119 (used to request the update of the registration certificate with the details of the new owner)
  • Deed of sale of the vehicle
  • PRA covering note, stating the buyer's tax identification number
  • NP3C Module

How to transfer the ownership of a car in common?

Transferring ownership of a car is easier than you think. How to do the joint transfer of ownership? Let's look at it now:

  1. The seller goes to his municipality of residence where, after negotiation, he has the signatures authenticated on the back of the Certificate of Ownership. The authentication must be done after the signatures have been placed in the dedicated area on the back of the Certificate of Ownership.
  2. Go tothe Motorizzazione Civile with the documents (mentioned in the previous paragraph) specially filled in. If everything is correct, you leave the DMV with the car officially belonging to the new buyer.

If you want to know more you can read the article where it is explained in detail how to carry out the transfer of ownership.

What changes for the change of ownership of a car in common use?

The procedure for the change of ownership of a used car is the same as for a new car. There are no special discounts or procedures to follow.

If it is a rather old-fashioned vehicle, we recommend that you always check that all the necessary documents are present. It can be annoying to have to travel together several times due to incomplete or incorrect documentation.

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