Parking ticket: how much does it cost? 30% discount?

Parking ticket: how much does it cost? 30% discount?

How does the parking ticket work?

Parking ticket is perhaps one of the most common offenses among motorists. Very often the offence is committed simply because you didn't know you were on a parking ticket or because, as is often the case in Italy, the signage was inadequate.

When you receive a parking ticket, you are told how much you have to pay which, with very rare exceptions, refers to the day the parking ticket was found. If we were to leave our car parked in a forbidden parking space for a long time, we could receive as many fines as the number of days the offence was found to have been committed.

Similar to other parking fines, a parking ticket can result in both a monetary penalty and the loss of certain points on your license.

It should also be noted that in built-up areas the parking ban is valid from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., provided that there are no other indications on the parking ban sign. Outside built-up areas, the parking ban lasts for 24 hours.

How much does a parking fine cost in 2020?

The cost of the "standard" parking fine is 41 euros. The amount can be discounted by 30% to €28.7 if paid within 5 days of the parking fine being served or objected to.

The parking fine increases to an amount ranging from 41 to 168 euros if amore seriousoffence has been committed. Offences involving this type of payment include parking prohibited by blocking a driveway, parking in the second row, parking in areas reserved for loading/unloading of goods or parking within restricted traffic zones.

The last and most expensive range is from 84 to 335 euros for parking prohibited in areas reserved for the disabled, parking in areas reserved for public transport (lanes, stops, car parks, etc.) and on access ramps to pavements (in front of pedestrian strips).

When do I pay the parking fine?

The limit is 60 days to pay the parking ticket. These 60 days start from the time you are notified of the offense or found in flagrante delicto in the chaos in which the driver was at the time of notification.

We remind you that if payment of the parking fine is made within 5 days of notification, the driver will be entitled to a 30% discount on the total amount.

If the driver is late in paying the fine, the penalties and interest provided for in the Highway Code or in the applicable local and municipal regulations will be applied.

How can I get a 30% discount on a parking fine?

The driver can obtain a 30% discount on the parking fine by paying the amount within 5 days of notification of the offence. These 5 days start from the day the notice arrives at home or from the day of the fine if the driver is present.

The discount is obtained by paying 70% of the amount of the fine for prohibited parking, 28.7 euros minimum, directly through the same channels with which the fines are paid. Payment can be made using the methods described in the fine notice. This can usually be done online, at the tobacconist's, bank or post office.

Which article indicates the parking fine?

The articles of the Highway Code that regulate the parking fine are article 185 of the Highway Code: Circulation and parking of caravans and article 158 of the Highway Code: Prohibition of stopping and parking vehicles.

We would like to remind you that "stopping" means the moment when a car is parked and the driver drives away. If a car is parked but the driver stays on board, then it is a "stop".

How can you appeal a parking ticket to the Justice of the Peace?

A parking ticket can be appealed to the Justice of the Peace. The appeal must be made within thirty days of notification by paying an amount of 55 euros. With the payment of this amount you can follow one of the following procedures:

  • Start the file online and then finish it at the clerk's office of your territorial office.
  • Send a registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt to the same office.
  • Go directly to the stationery store

The documentation needed to make an appeal to the Justice of the Peace is:

  • General information about the plaintiff.
  • Extras and photocopy of the infraction report
  • Applicant's request
  • Description of the facts
  • Request for provisional suspension of the contested measure along with the corresponding penalties
  • Photo of the fined car on a parking ticket
  • Signature of the applicant

To speed up the practice, we recommend to send everything in writing as clearly as possible, if not to a computer. In fact, it may happen that you suffer delays simply because it is impossible to understand your handwriting by an employee.

How to use the Prefect for the parking ticket?

If you believe that you are absolutely right and you consider the parking fine is unfair, you can choose the procedure of appealing to the Prefect.

In this case you must always act within 60 days of notification of the offence but you should note that, unlike the appeal to the Justice of the Peace, in the case of a rejected appeal you will have to pay the full amount of the fine.

If the appeal is approved, you will receive an official communication.

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