First car voucher: how many kilometres do you have to do, do you pay?

First car voucher: how many kilometres do you have to do, do you pay?

The first car coupon, what does it consist of?

The coupon for the car is one of the regular maintenance interventions that guarantee the perfect functioning of the car over time. Unlike the following ones, the first coupon also aims to check that there are no obvious manufacturing defects after the first kilometres of theft.

In the past, after the same theft, usually the first 1000 km, you had to go to the garage for a first check. Thanks to modern and more precise manufacturing techniques, this first appointment is no longer necessary.

The first break-in usually includes the change of the engine oil and its filter. This change is not due to the fact that the oil has already been used up, but rather to the possible presence of metal particles in the engine oil. These particles are generated by friction between the mechanical components of the engine which, being new, have very tight tolerances.

The first car cut at how many kilometres?

There is no universal indication of when to make the first coupon for a car. In fact, each parent company is free to indicate to the driver a maintenance interval that could differ from that of other manufacturers or other models of the same parent company.

Despite this, we can answer the question "how many kilometers does the first car coupon?" from 15 thousand to 35 thousand kilometers depending on the manufacturer. It is also rare that maintenance plans require the driver to make the first coupon after less than 12 months.

Is the first coupon paid?

Another frequently asked question is whether the first coupon is paid. As to how many kilometres the first coupon is made, there is no precise answer. What is certain is that the first coupon does not fall within the interventions covered by the warranty. This is because the car warranty covers any factory defect not caused by the driver. The coupon is not a factory defect and its cost is therefore the responsibility of the car owner.

During the negotiation for the purchase of the car many manufacturers offer the first coupon for free. In this case the agreement is clear, the first coupon is free. In any other case, the first coupon must be paid for by the driver.

The cost of the first coupon can vary from 150 euros to 1000 euros depending on the make of the car, the choice of the garage and the car model. The bigger and more expensive the car, the more expensive the coupon will be.

Where to make the first coupon for the car?

With rare exceptions, the driveris free to choose where to make the first coupon for his car. The alternatives are the independent garage or the network of official garages of the parent company. The latter can guarantee a higher quality service but tends to be much more expensive.

It should be remembered that thanks to the Monti Decree the motorist is free to choose where to coupon the car without losing the manufacturer's warranty. This is on condition that the garage chosen for the coupon adopts all the manufacturer's official procedures and uses only original or equivalent quality components.

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