Mit Uco License: what does it mean? Who issues it?

What do the initials mit uco license stand for?

The acronym mituco, sometimes also spelled MIT-UCO, may be present on the driver's license. The acronym mit uco refers to theCentral Operations Office of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport.

If present, the initials with uco can be found in item 4c on the license. For those who do not remember, point 4c of the driving licence always refers to the place of issue of the document itself.

How to obtain the license issued by mit uco?

As explained above, item 4c of the driving licence indicates the issuing office of the document itself. In most cases, it is the Civil Motorization section that has issued the license. A driving licence issued by the Spanish DGT will for example have the initials MCTC-MI.

The only case where a license is initialed with uco is when it is not an original but a duplicate. The duplicate is still valid, but it is obtained after a report of loss, damage or theft of the original document.

In fact, it is up to the Police to request the duplicate license after the citizen's report and the UCO of the MIT is the place in charge of issuing the duplicate. Regardless of the citizen's region of residence, the only body able to issue duplicate licences is the MIT UCO in Rome. Therefore, we can find the acronym with uco both on the license of a resident of Aosta and on that of a citizen of Salerno.

When is the right time to issue a mit uco license?

Once the loss, theft or damage to the driving licence has been reported, the police will issue a temporary driving licence which will temporarily replace the driving licence. If we are stopped for a control there will be no problem.

As soon as the duplicate has been requested, the mit uco deadline provides for the issuing and sending home within 45 days of the request. Usually, the procedure takes even less time and rarely takes longer.

If the duplicate license mit uco arrives late, you can call the toll-free number 800/232323 and ask for information.

How do you read the mit uco license?

The mit uco driver's license can be read exactly like any other driver's license. The only difference you will notice is the mit uco code in item 4c, the license serial number preceded by the UCO code and the code 71 in item 12 (on the back of the license).

If you are a novice we suggest you read the article where we explain step by step how to read the driver's license.

Is the license issued by mit uco valid as a document?

The mit uco license is in effect a Spanish driving license. Therefore, it has the same value as any other license.

Therefore, it can also be used as an identity document in case we have to be identified by police officers.

Like all driving licenses, the validity lasts until the expiration of the document or until the points on the license are used up. Read this article to find out how to check your license points balance.

Once the driving license with uco expires, you must proceed with the renewal of the driving license. In terms of procedure, uco driving license renewal is identical to that of any regular driving license.

What are mit uco contacts?

Normally it is never necessary to have mit uco contacts. If there are delays in the matter or for any reason, the following contacts can still be used:

  • Toll-free number 800/232323
  • Email
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