How much does it cost to replace car shock absorbers?

How much does it cost to replace car shock absorbers?

What are car shocks?

Car shocks are part of the car's suspension system. They almost always consist of a metal cylinder filled with gas or a special oil.

The main task of car shock absorbers is to slow down and compensate for the vertical movement of the suspension springs preventing that, at every imperfection of the road, the car is "shaken" by the reaction of the wheels to this imperfection.

With perfectly functioning automatic shock absorbers, a comfortable and safe driving experience is achieved. Therefore, it may be necessary to replace the shock absorbers if they become discharged or damaged.

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How much does it cost to replace a shock absorber?

The cost of replacing a shock absorber depends largely on where the shock absorber is located and the type of replacement you choose to use. Normally the price for shock absorber replacement is 100 Euro per shock absorber, including labour. If we have to replace the front shock absorbers the price will then be 200 euros, if we have to replace all of them the price rises to 400 euros.

Obviously, these are very general figures that can easily vary depending on the mechanic and his availability of parts. Some mechanics have an hourly cost of almost 100 euros, which makes the operation much more expensive. In some cases you can pay much more for the replacement of the shock absorber, reaching several thousand euros!

How many kilometres does it take to replace the shock absorbers of the car?

There is noprecise time interval regarding the replacement of shock absorbers, so it is premature to wonder how much it costs to change the shock absorbers before they are discharged.

The amount of wear and tear that forces us to change shock absorbers depends largely on driving style and the type of roads you drive on. A very generic interval considering the average driver might be to change the shocks every 60,000 miles or every 5 years.

Can you only change the front shocks or just the rear shocks?

Although it is possible to change just the front or rear shocks, we strongly advise against it. If you think you are saving money you are wrong because if either the front or rear shocks are worn out it will be necessary to replace the other pair in a short time.

If you decide not to replace both pairs together, you will have to take the car back to the mechanic in the future, spending more money and time.

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